[Record Post] S177-WoJ-Lira- Lost island Journey (Season 2)

Observer’s Information

In-Game Name: Lira Ylvanis

Alliance: Winds of Justice (WoJ)

Personal Observer Goal: The main goal is to be better prepared second entry and work as a cohesive team to make it to the finale! Another goal is to learn new strategies and collect new ants :blush:

Observer’s Journal - Table of Contents

08/07/22 - Lost Island Preperation
08/11/22 - Sign Up Has Arived
08/20/22 - Matchup Introduction
08/22/22 - Day 1, Build!
08/23/22 - Day 2, Capturing, hornets, and more building!
08/23/22 - Day 3, Conch Wonder!
08/27/22 - Island Nap and Diplomacy
08/27/22 - Buildings Revisited
08/27/22 - Progress Overview
09/03/22 - Mudskipper Event
09/03/22 - Teamwork issues have arisen
09/03/22 - One of a kind Island
09/03/22 - Conspiracy theory
09/03/22 - progress overview

Group 2 Information

Name   Abbr Server Leader Members Power
Winds of Justice   WoJ 177 Antithesis 100 5200245029
HxM HxD VII United   VxH 107 Aussie Bull Ant 100 6121070814
Ants Gone WIld   AGW 193 Drako 99 5966350010
faNTastic   FKN 106 Luke 100 7335833750
Warriors of HOF   WoH 109 Kalypso 99 6239137614
La Grande Famille   LGF 163 Hellchef 100 5665682875
Phantom FUCers   FUC 104 Black Tilly 96 5057548935
Unity in Diversity   UDI 194 Ragnarock 99 4125690456

08/07/22 – Lost Island Preperations

Hello everyone and welcome to the start of my journey. My last trip to lost island was not the best and I was truly nervous to go again. I recently migrated to 177 and it has truly begun to feel like home and we have been prepping for the journey. This boosted my confidence so I wanted to share how our preparations are going.
Server 177 is run by a council of chosen members to help lead us all in unity. There are communal farms for the server to level and farm for resources. This has come to a large advantage for us because we are stockpiling safe resources. We have been gathering and pushing our evolutions to be the strongest each of us can be capable of.

As some of the preparations by our alliance data has been collected on each player and if they want to participate. For those who do not wish to go they have been found a temporary home. A chart was created for those who replied to actively wishing to go(we have really amazing organized people) into a spread sheet and then open spaces started to be accounted for.

Since WoJ is one of the alliances on the server council there has also been preparations for how server will run while we are in the island. Things are being accounted for such as: determination factor of tree rotation, leaderships of alliances, and we have someone who will be recording data to the spreadsheets to keep track.

There has been a to do list assembled and it as follows:

  1. Herd the cats
  2. Discuss overall strategy and engage players on determined strategy by engaging them in the war room
  3. Establish member code of conduct.
  4. Discuss preferred time zone and see if can plan for 2 attack groups.
  5. Designate tower builders across timezones.
  6. Find optimal routes and choose fortress priorities
  7. Work with island goers to get proper power levels and resource stock.
  8. Create priority list for building enhancements.
  9. Set up diplomacy system so is ready for when needed such as proper tags, permissions, and diplomacy team.

Team Resolutions:

  1. Focus on education, not blame, We are collectively learning
  2. Support battlefield decisions.
  3. Stay flexible. Situations can call for plan and goal change.
  4. Keep alliance in the loop.
  5. Daily status reports via alliance mails to keep members updated.
  6. Involve whole alliance in decisions, not just leadership.

There are still final details to be hashed out but so far I believe we have a solid cohesive group that will work well together. How we preform……well that’s to be determined isn’t it lol.
As season opens i will add more data as to who we get matched with and game plan on how we proceed. Best of luck to us all!


08/11/22 – Sign Up Has Arrived

Sign up has come for servers 101-200! We have switched around most members now and are 97 participants. There are a couple stragglers waiting on to make us full but we are sitting in a good spot I believe. For the members not going, they were sent to the alliance AZA and we accepted the members from AZA that had interest in going. Two are coming from SPF, which is a sister alliance to WoJ. The cross-server feature was used to bring an ex-member back, but that was the only recruited member from this option.

This leaves us at a WoJ/ AZA ratio of 77/20. Ranking was distributed to accommodate both alliances for rewards fairly and appropriately. The merger has been smooth and player personalities are meshing. The alliance lines on server 177 are “blurred” due to the mind set of the server is family. I feel this mitigates power struggles and allows good cohesion of the group having this server mind set, but lost island will test those bonds and we will see if the comradery will last :blush:

Our sign up was completed and location priority is pink, blue, and brown. There reasons for pink and blue is it borders area 51. The extra buffs this area provides gives an advantage. Pink is also closest to their wonder and makes for faster capture opportunity. Brown is the third option due to ease of defense.

Discussions are now underway of alliance communications, notice of attack times via mail, and best roles to give players such as blockade or fighter. Members will be fully prepared to follow assigned roles and contribute to the team. Right now, a message is being prepared to be sent out as a last minute of are you sure want to go. The heads up of how intense Lost Island is was a concern that had to be addressed. The goal is not to have half alliance throw in the towel and have max participation during whole event. A team that sticks together has a better chance of winning together.

There was a lovely chart added for us to follow as a guide line for what to bring to lost island. I have only hit half the recommendations from that list but that isn’t going to stop me! Muahahaha! The idea of this list was to make lost island as enjoyable as possible while easing up some of the struggle of resource need. Resources are scarce in Lost Island!

Can’t wait for the matchmaking period to see how we get matched and get to gauge realistic chances for success!


08/20/22 – Match up Introduction

We were finally matched up with the other alliances! The group has been full of colorful players. The group we ended up with, one of the alliances AGW (previously HEL) actually has good history with the alliance WoJ. They were allies in the last Lost Island as well as a few 177 members that migrated out for a battle server. Dragonmom has been in our discord for awhile for possible migration. There is also a connection with the alliance LGF via 177 discord members.

Remember that to do list we made? Well, the discord was established for the whole season group and it has been fun chatting with everyone. Unicorn apparently is a delicacy lol. There were games added as well as different chat groups to appeal to everyone’s interests. In the leadership council talks are going on about a Nap and tree rotation to ensure everyone gets the rewards. Talks have also been made between leaders about a backup plan in case an alliance decides to break nap.

The discord has been a huge success at encouraging friendships between alliances and will share a few screenshots of random moments. Power matchup between all the alliances is fairly even. In the first 24 hours over 70 people joined and conversations have not stopped in any of the channels. Even the leadership chat has a light feel to it rather than just strictly business.

My main concern right now is that a few members from WoJ, AGW, and FKN are trying to coordinate a unicorn hunt for unicorn steaks. This is not even a joke…24 hours and counting on them trying to eat me! All the alliances have united to have a unicorn hunt. I think last week I may host a find the unicorn hunt, there are three unicorns in our grouping.

Back in just the homeland, tree rotations while we are gone have not been fully settled. There are a few alliances not going and continued talks with the rotation of those who qualified. Negotiations are in the works to settle that down and keep the peace before departure. Time is ticking down to get everything settled as entry to lost island is fast approaching.

On spot selections…we ended up in orange zone. Everyone was super-fast to pick their locations but at least we didn’t get coral…. that area is evil and cursed.

Here is to a great island adventure! May the fun continue!!!


08/22/22 – Day 1, Build!

We landed on the island and immediately got to work capturing nodes. I like the change to being class specific rather than hunting for nodes to find what you want. It took us 2 hours to cap out on clay and made decent progress for day one. We did 2/3 of tower building withing the first few hours and then held off to wait for the “off shift” to log in and get rewards.

On tower building I suggest you send strongest marches as this shortens build time. We have to amazing members taking the forefront of tower placement. I am completely okay with this because if anything goes wrong, I can blame Gray. What we did to ensure had clay was tell everyone to not collect on dailies until we entered the island and it worked to our advantage of getting to build out the gate.

We took three lairs, two 3’s and a 4. It took less than 15 minutes for the capture of each with minimal damage to troops. There were roughly 20 members online during captures and single squads were sent. The hard part was having the patience for a path to be built to the lairs. The plan for next reset is to build to and take the level 6 residence and level 5 lair at reset and save rest of building for off hours.

On a side note, the island has been split into two groups now. The unicorn hunters and the unicorn defenders. Dragons are split and both sides have dragon power now! The unicorn defenders have a phoenix though, can’t beat that unicorn hunters! In the discord roles have been given accordingly. Relations have still been positive and everyone is still getting along well. 139 people have joined the island party discord and still steadily trickling in. 3 have joined since I counted that number lmao.

We are waiting on the vote to finalize but most everyone it seems is for nap with designated clash zones. Sample text of discussions posted below. The civility of everyone has amazed me and is completely different feel from the leaders than in the first lost island I attended. Here is to hoping it stays that way! It is a breath of fresh air to be in such an amazing group of people! Long live WoJ!! Long live Queen Antithesis!! Burn the dragon Gray, leader of the unicorn hunters!


08/22/22 – Day 2, Capturing, hornets, and more building!

On day two again at reset we focused clay first. While getting all the dailies done may seem time consuming it really isn’t. Clay is only awarded for the first 4 dailies. Duel of queens, hatching troops, rapid, and gathering dailies for example is a great way to conserve stamina while making sure get max clay. Hornets were released and I got ready with the bug spray!

While I was building towers or waiting for my turn in a tower, I maxed out my nodes and then my attention went to hitting insects for the extra rewards. Once out of extra rewards i moved onto hornets. After I spent down to 60 stamina hitting hornets, I relaxed a bit and went back to insects. I found sending one round of 4 every tower build kept my stamina pretty even for attacks.

I enjoyed not having to fight over level 8 resource node for gathering day. This is a feature change I truly like. There is no limit to how many members can gather and your always guaranteed a full gather time. PvP protection is a nice addition as well.

The alliance captured 2 lair 5’s and a 6 on day two. Based on our strength and nerfing to structures it took 30-40 people less than 10 minutes. The downfall of this is not every was able to get troop kills for the achievement. We are running into the same issues with tower building. For an active alliance group of 100 members having placement spots for ten makes everyone getting tower build near impossible. To try and give everyone an opportunity towers are being spread out.

Clay cap definitely slows the process of expansion. We are hitting clay cap fairly quickly and building the max 15 towers a day. One thing became abundantly clear. Not every zone is equal in buildings. This may be something that needs revisited to make map equality even to make it less impactful on buff gains.


08/23/22 – Day 3, Conch Wonder!

We reached the wonder by day three and claimed the wonder and a level 6 residence. In the first lost island we wouldn’t have dared attempted, but two others had already claimed theirs. It took 40-50 of us only 30 minutes to capture, making us the third to capture. Those with shortest hit times were asked to rally and those of us in the back joined to get their quicker. The advantage of the free teleports has come in use on the return trip. A quick tp out and it resets your timer, getting you quickly back into rallies.

To touch back on the NAP negotiations, the vote finalized. Everyone is in agreement for sharing and working together to get achievements. This will include clash areas, building switch outs, and tree. Even tunnel captures are being handled diplomatically. I know our island run is going to be different from most based on everyone’s willing-ness to work together. Sorry Ants underground, no blood shed and carnage for you!

On island discord its still the battle of team unicorn versus team unicorn hunters. A hidden third group has emerged on the scene. The cats. One of the unicorn hunters was even able to find a unicorn cookbook featuring recipes on how to cook and prepare unicorn. That book should be destroyed! The reason I keep mentioning the discord is because it’s the core of everyone’s bonds. Working together to create a fun filled chat environment has encouraged teamwork rather than war between alliances.

Progress Overview


08/27/22 – Island Nap and Diplomacy

I wanted to make this post strictly about the working of the island diplomacy. As you guys know we made a discord for the island. There are 144 members from the different alliances that have joined. Everyone has gotten along really well and we have decided to keep the discord going even after lost island has ended. Our group has been that amazing and we want to stay in touch. We have something to appeal to everyone. The food and pet channels have become some of my favorites. There is diplomacy set up for individual alliances as well as the clash zone areas.

The leaders have talked and split up zones with agreements to wonder battle for pvp. The civility of it all still amazes me. All the alliances are working together to make this a great experience for everyone participating. I have to give props to Sulfras for making such an amazing discord and working around the clock to meet individual needs. It’s been truly an honor getting to work with her and it has made me happy that the other alliances have given her credit and thanks for setting things up.

Of course, where would our discord be if the unicorn hunters were not trying to eat me lol. This has become the running theme in discord and has caused me to laugh so hard my sides have hurt. I am hoping that this has helped foster friendships and provided entertainment. We have made a unicorn vs hunter score board and it went…a bit silly. Last I checked both sides were negative like crazy, we found out we can remove points from each other’s team as well as add.

There was a grievances tab called the wrestling pit in case any had concerns but everyone was on board and no complaints so it turned into a fight gif channel. It has truly been wonderful seeing all alliances partake in the silliness. It does confirm a theory I had about none of us have matured into actual adults yet lol.

We share a clash zone with pink but since they have half of area 51, we get the majority of the clash zone nodes and will just swap the wonder back and forth. When we get to the tree opening it was decided that first to the tree gets to claim first and then we rotate out as others reach tree. Our goal was to get everyone the wonders and tree. Even though there is the achievements of holding until milestone timers run out, it pales in comparison to everyone getting conquest achievements. Why have one get the hold achievement when 8 can get conquest?

Because of this mentality it has reduced the stress of lost island and it has not degenerated into one alliance getting salty and rude. Friendships are being made, bonds are being forged, and we got a lot of recipes to try and cook! Sulfras is working on a parting gift goody bag for everyone, last we talked she was going to compile a recipe book for everyone and I am personally looking forward to it!

Here is to the continuation of an amazing lost island experience!!


08/27/22 – Building Captures Revisited

So, the biggest obstacle we are facing is the clay and tower caps. We came with a full active alliance and of course everyone wants involved for the achievements. However, once you do the math to share with everyone that limits it to 1.5 towers a day people can build. Sharing has been some concern. We have some members that are trying to get in every tower and some who are holding off for others to get achievements and waiting their turn.

The other issue we ran into was residences, lairs, and wonders exploding before everyone was able to get in hits. One way we are working on resolution is limiting attacks to 1 each player. Another method we tried and surprisingly has been working is sending t1 or t2 to capture. We are able to do this up to level 5! Even with lowest tier possible being used it is only taking 10 minutes! On average player count ranges from 30-50. The difficulty levels might need revisited in starting areas.

We have not left our starting zone as clash zones have not opened. Hoping difficulty increases to allow more players to be involved. With current starter zone difficulties being nonexistent I am starting to feel that the past 2 months of working every ca to build safe resources was a waste of time. I have gained more safe resources being in the island than I have on average per day on normal map and have worked minimal colony actions.

Is not a building but even insects have been less challenging. Last lost island I was terrified of the hornets as occasionally I would loose on even my pro unit, but I am able to take them with my weakest of marches now. I was also surprised that even a level 35 gecko could be soloed. While this caters to a good portion of the players there are those of us who like to be challenged and have to use teamwork and strategy to succeed. Will update on the difficulties once we get out of the starting zones as I am receiving updates from all alliances on their progress in lost island. We are all being very open with each other on progression.


progress overview


09/03/22 – Mudskipper event

The mudskipper event lasts for 4 days and consumes 30 stamina per hit. This aligned with the pango event so it took a lot of online time for sure. To get max personal rewards you need to earn 10k points, for max alliance points you need to earn 800k points. Both lists refresh daily so it is a bit of a time crunch. It also requires max participation. Mudskipper limits each player to only 15 hits. If everyone is not attacking it you will not get max alliance buffs. We missed the last buff regularly.

A very common complaint is the is the point reward system. It caused a lack of effort due to the fact max points hit at a 20m attack. While the smaller players struggled to get max points, the average to mini whale player was severely disappointed to find that their 130m hit was rated the same. This decreased the motivation.

Several players got very angry about the lack of teamwork design in the island. The last five hits are based solely on just helping alliance. There is no player motivation to help encourage the use of the extra 150 stamina. Issues that occurred is players would rather hunt a hornet with the stamina than gain nothing. While we had others doing their best to help it adds to the frustration of over teamwork design. While my alliance is very teamwork oriented its was very detrimental to a few others on the island. It has caused rifts and internal strife that r5’s are struggling to keep a handle. Several players have even quit logging in from several alliances because they can not manage the stamina usage.

One of the issues of mudskipper is a lot harder for those who have resets in the middle of the night. This limits amount of practical attacking. If you use all the stamina before reset and sleeping, by time you awake there is several hours lost of ability to hit anything. On average its 3-4 hours lost where troops are just sitting at max stamina. So, unless alarms are set to be on top of the stamina use it becomes a disadvantage. This really adds a crunch to being able to accomplish all of the other stamina using tasks such as hornets and node leveling.

Needing to conserve stamina makes it less of a chance of players willing to gamble on taking increased nodes. 15 stamina to try and push node cap, well you can’t risk it with the need to save the stamina to get all hits in. It boiled down to mudskipper just being another task to check off. It turned something I was extremely excited for to just being an unwanted boring event. There was no actual challenge to getting max rewards and hitting the 20m. Defense or any struggle would have been a better implementation I feel to make it more interesting.

Don’t get me wrong the alliance buff that was gained is very nice and will be handy in the clash zones, especially against alliances who were not able to be team oriented. However, I feel the stamina sacrifice to not do other tasks does not balance this out. The mudskipper is one of the few times a stronger player can help a weaker by hitting max times since the buffs go to all players within the alliance.


09/03/22 – Teamwork issues that have arisen

Let’s talk about how teamwork has become harder to accomplish this island. So, our alliance has been using t1 to attack level 5 and below buildings. Even doing this and limiting it to one hit per person, it has become a struggle for the building to last more than 10 minutes. If someone forgets to switch to t1 they soloed the building! This is discouraging to players who are still not able to get in and a few members have decided based solely on the fact tower and building issues they would not be returning. You can’t blame them for being discouraged when it is basically only 1 tower a day you can build without taking from others. The building exploding means that marches further back don’t make it in time and they are missing out on achievements.

Node availability is another issue, we ran into the issue where we literally only have level 9 shooter nodes left. All lower nodes have been claimed. The same is happening with the other 2 soldier types as well. A suggestion may be as node numbers increase more nodes spawn. We don’t have means to get out of starting area due to the diplomacy of nap we have going on. It has basically turned into an alliance fight on who can capture nodes first to get season ants.

Let’s talk about upgrading of the nodes. While it was an interesting and nice feature added, upgrades definitely need to come quicker. It seems counter productive to want to upgrade nodes when you can just release and capture a higher level. Allowing quicker upgrades would help with some of the node struggle and not leave the weaker players picking over the others scrap.

This island in regards to teamwork is nonexistent. The game tells you to send biggest marches and send all four marches to buildings but if you do this you are going to step on other alliance players. Instructions seem to encourage a selfish behavior rather than encourage teamwork as an alliance. We are seeing first hand how this is causing a few alliances to fall apart. If we go by the games mentality on how island should work it only awards the biggest most selfish players versus encourage cooperation and true teamwork.

We in WoJ are encouraging players to ignore the game instructions and maintain the thought that family is more important. We are actively encouraging everyone to maintain the mentality that we are a group, we act as a group, we play as a group, and we will win or fail as a group. This is working for the most part and the majority is complying but there are a few who refuse to go by our status quo and they will not be joining us next time. Family is the most important to WoJ and it is an expectation.

We have been scheduling times to meet the needs fo all players since we are an international alliance. Even with this, most players complying, and people doing as they should, we are still not able to get everyone the rewards. Clay cap and ease of building are definitely not helping in getting everyone achievements. Even doing as everyone should be there just isn’t enough of a challenge and someone always gets left out with no hits being able to be accomplished

This is an example of damage from one sx ant

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09/03/22 – One of a kind island

I have been reading a lot of season posts and so far, we have a unique island. It seems that so far, we are the only island with a full nap and designated clash zones. We are trading tunnels, dividing lands, and everyone in leadership is being very diplomatic. We all have become friends and yes, the theme is still about unicorn steaks. We have got to know each other on more personal levels and we still plan on communication after the island vacation is over. The pets’ channel is still one of my favorites and the variety of critters people own is amazing! We have deer, fish, and foxes as well as kitties and puppies. I want them all!

When this started, we honestly expected the friendships to devolve once clash zones starting opening but it has been a pleasant development that everyone has been so cooperative. Everyone is actively working together to make this island the best experience possible for all. The most interesting point is that several of the alliances know each other. FUC and FKN have past relations, WoJ and AGW, then EVO and UID. It leads to the following conspiracy theory post.


09/03/22 – Conspiracy theory

There is a theory going on that matchups may not be as random as assumed. This is the second island where some the alliances have known each other. Also, even with all of us being online, it seems the whale/strongest alliances tend to get pink with heavy in game advantages where the weakest alliances seem to be in less favorable positions. Is this a buff advantage to starting zone or is the island positions rigged?

It also seems very strange that there is history between several of the alliances. If it is truly random on the matchups, how is there a 2 for 2 on getting groups previously known? One theory is that home server ids may be a factor or is it the player base really is that small and competitors limited? It seems very unlikely for this to truly be the case, so is there more behind this? Please comment and let me know if you guys are having the same issue. In the cross-server convocation, not many of us used it, so it seems unlikely that this is how we are all with a past history.

Are the limitations on nodes and buildings set to encourage internal competition and make the stronger more elite or is it made in just hind sight to the needs of so many players? The ease and lack of nodes is certainly doing just that, causing the elite to be more elite. It affects other alliances as well as your own, trying to cause conflict from all angles. This is something that urgently needs addressed.

When looking at the observer posts you can easily see that it is off balanced and several groupings do not even have an observer while other groupings have several. I will continue to watch the trend and see if this improves but for now it does not seem very balanced.

Posts from 9-3 contain inputs from myself and player sulfras as well.

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Progress Overview

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09/13/22 – Tower battle

This was our most interesting event that happened. On first capture of the wonder, it was decided by a 3v3 tower battle. The tower battle took place with WoJ and the alliance FKN and lasted 3.5 hours. Both alliances placed three towers right next to each other and battle time was set for 22:00 UTC. We started off with a gameplan but soon it became so congested that it was hard to see anything. A group of us joined voice chat and it was a blast to hear everyone!

When the battles first started it was very intense! There were minimal hill hits but I give props for FKN organization. It seemed they had split into 2 waves of attackers and ultimately this gave them the win. Both sides tried to take the others middle tower but after roughly an hour we lost middle tower. They are definitely stronger than they first appeared and we did not have enough spenders our side to keep up with stamina need in the end. I personally ended with 2 marches at 0 and 2 at 1, for the last half hour I was literally waiting for stamina to send marches.

We tried to regroup and focus their most eastern tower but we soon on the defensive again trying to save our eastern tower. The last 2 towers fell 20 minutes apart. Lmao I killed everything I had trying to keep them out of the towers. Personally, I used all the revival fungi had and had to switch to t9. Soon I went through over 300m honeydew in healing and had to start just letting troops die as that was my whole reserve of honeydew was gone then. The other resource stores were not heavily impacted but I advise to definitely bring at least 2g honeydew! AGAIN, MAKE SURE HONEYDEW STORES ARE HIGH!!!

FKN has 2 players that had gotten t10 already and coming from 266 to 177 I have realized I’m fairly far behind other players in the 100’s bracket. WoJ is primarily f2p but I can say everyone has massive heart and gave it there all. Fkn has a lot of strong players and their teamwork is close to par with ours. I feel if we had a few more players online and a few more buffs to make buff equality we could have won.

There are no hard feelings and truthfully the battle was very entertaining and fun! At the end of the battle though we lost all three towers and they still had all three. Wonder is being switched out as agreed and once timer ends it will be given back. WoJ is still the most chill on the island and has no rouges at this time while as we advance communications and trust are breaking down between other alliances and frictions have started. In one alliance’s case it has become a complete wild fire!

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09/13/22 – Alliance Relations

Here is where we touch base on the wild fire that has erupted. As island has progressed some relations have strengthened and some have dissolved in non-existence.


Closest relations would be with UID on terms of friendliness and communications. Everything is being agreed on and handled diplomatically. There is even friendly banter and decent socializing. Next, on this list would be the alliance FUC, even though we are on opposites sides of the map friendliness has been very high and entertaining, WoH is in a similar placement. The other alliances truthfully, we haven’t talked with much outside of just standard diplomacy. We have agreed to the tree rotations and looks like tree buildings are going to be divided based on current votes submitted.

We have channels set up for each region of the island and there have been some serious issues on the north side. One alliance has caused rifts with others and it has gone very badly for them. My heart breaks because they have truly wonderful members but their leadership has much to be desired and has caused them to be pushed back to initial zone. They have started a vote to leave island and I wish they wouldn’t leave.

Insults have been thrown from several directions, not so much name calling as much as it has been just rude and unnecessary. Blame has been cast off consistently rather than leadership taking responsibility. This has impacted not just the relations with others on the island but has also broken the alliance itself. Several members are feeling betrayed by their leadership and have even refused to be associated with the alliance name in discord. I fell in love with some of their members and its truly a sad moment to see it all break down.

Their current situation if they do not leave the island, they are to remove all buildings from clash zone and destroy towers as the build to tree for their rotation turn. I personally feel that this is a drastic route to go for the mistakes of a few. It can get frustrating but does the end justify the means? Is the alliance being pushed back and treated like a punching bag really the way to go? I am not in their shoes so I can’t fully understand how they are all feeling but it does seem a drastic measure over just attacking the rouges and fighting those guilty. Punishing all for the few…seems unjust.

The miscommunications and arguments have spilled over into season chat and leadership channels. What has happened to make talking pointless? I’ve read both sides of the convo and from neutral party it looks like both have done wrong. If they wanted to truly honor the nap and move forward as both sides claim then why can productive movement in a positive direction not be made?

Conspiracy thoughts

Is this just a ploy and another alliance will be treated the same way next? Will we be able to come back from this and continue our peaceful little island or will there be war around the corner? With all the direct messages between others and lack of facts lead to more assumptions on shady deals? Are all the screenshots posted from one of the alliances a ploy to sow distrust and cause chaos leading them to get the upper hand? Will their drama impact the southern part of the island as well and their chaos slip into our peaceful half? Will others watch this and try it for themselves?

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Progress Overview

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Last week of island is here! Once tree opened there was a scheduled rotation for rewards. All alliances took turn on the tree and we got everyone through in 2 days. It took woj approx 30 minutes to solo the tree. The first hit where all 8 alliances attacked it took approx 10 minutes.

I messed up and sent t1 on the rallies.

What amused me was that a few of t1 marches succeeded!
My recommendation is that first two rows host rallies so every one in back gets shorter time. Even during durability.
Now that all rotation has been done it has turned into a ffa event.

Most updates will now be tree area screenshots on each alliances progress. Ffa area is tree of abundance to tunnels. Some alliances are working together to push others out. Last day will be fight for tree to see who can hold and maintain. Tensions are starting to run high in some alliances and personally I’m having a blast!
Only issue is I have zero honeydew left. To those reading and not gone, stock pile honeydew!!!
Revival fungi regeneration is based on honor so make sure do what can to keep raising honor!


Agw (green) and woh (blue) have almost been pushed completely out of tree area. Tensions have still raised due to the drama between north side alliances: fuc, woh, and agw. It is starting to wear on everyone at the constant bickering.

The alliance fkn (pink) was attacked by lgf(yellow) and uid(teal) keeping them tied up and occupied. The alliance vxh(purple) has pact with fuc(Goldy brown?) And claimed to be helping fkn(pink) as well. It’s a big mess but been loads of fun.
I have to give a shout out to woj leaders and members. They have stayed united and not left and leader channels. They dislike the drama but their job is to represent us, so they are. The alliance has stayed together and stayed strong. We have not fractured like others and have zero rouges.

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