[Record Post] S590 SOH-Blitzkrieg, Batch 3, Group 146 - SOH Barren Land

In preparation of going to BL, my alliance has started recruiting for new members to go with us to the new event. However, this is not the only recruiting that we are doing. We have also taken on the near impossible task of rebuilding an entire server. Before the last LI, the second largest alliance on the server migrated from our server, 590, leaving only 2 large alliances, not including our farm alliances. Many other individual players started to follow thinking that we will no longer be able to compete in our warzone events. Though this task seems daunting and impossible, we have a plan. We must succeed, we must succeed...

Above are the alliances that we have left on 590

Our plan consists of 3 main parts:

1. Instead of just recruiting individual members, we are trying to recruit entire alliances to come to our server. We think that by bringing in new alliances, it will help to stabilize and keep people leaving the server thinking that it is a dead one.

2. We have taken over the large alliance shells to take advantage of the evos in an effort to make coming to 590 more attractive and prevent the new alliances from needing to start over completely. I was entrusted by the second largest alliance to take over the shell before they left our server, and I now hold it with my farm for another group when they migrate during the next CSC. I also have another farm in a different alliance for the same purpose.

Below is one of the alliance shells that I currently have for the new alliances

3. We have adjusted our server rules to make the server more attractive to individual players, as well as entire alliances with similar values to ours. Some of the rules we have are:

A. Absolutely no tile hitting for any reason. Violators will need to pay a “resource fine” if they are caught tile-hitting to the players that they hit. For each node that is hit, there is a 5 million sand “fine”. We had problems in the past with tile hitting individuals and alliances, and it created wars and chaos on the server. For this reason, we believe making it a server rule will discourage players from hitting other players’ tiles. (The exception is during a KE event where gathering on the server is prohibited)

B. No zeroing of hills, unless you are protecting a hive invasion. No one likes being zeroed, and making it a rule will stop future conflicts and retaliation. Accidents do happen, but we feel most conflicts can be solved diplomatically.

C. We have two purge days every week on Wednesdays and Thursdays, to avoid attacks on building and gathering days. We have found that most players like having two purge days, and it keeps the server from getting too boring and peaceful. This also allows non-peaceful players to enjoy the server as much as the peaceful ones. And, it also allows the peaceful players to know when attacks may happen and allow them time to prepare and shield if they don’t want to participate. There seems to be a direct correlation between the number of purge days and the happiness of players on the server. We feel that this magic number is two.

Although the task may seem cumbersome and impossible, we have confidence that if we use our plan, we can have a huge impact on recreating a strong, healthy server. I myself have never taken part in reviving and rebuilding an entire server. It is both exciting and scary not knowing how the server will turn out or what the future holds.

We feel that it’s up to the players to take care of all other alliances and their home servers in general. Most alliances are only concerned about going to BL, but we are thinking about both BL and what comes after. Helping other players and my new home server is something that I feel very strongly about, and I am glad to be able to be a part of the task at hand.

Long live 590!

I didn’t know there was a fellow Observer on the island! We were very sad to see everyone leave, but totally understand. Good luck on the server rebuild! The rules seem fairly normal for successful servers so you should be good with those.

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Barren Land Preparation

In anticipation of the Barren Land event, my alliance has been recruiting new members from other servers, as well as from our own server.

We are trying to come up with a strategy, but it is difficult, because not many people on our server have experienced this event before. However, we will try to apply some of the same starting strategies as we had on Lost Island:

1. We will complete any introductory challenges to learn the new event from the ground up.

2. We will study the map and layout of the buildings and try to come up with an initial plan and route.

3. We will attempt to make allies to complete challenges and have a fair shot at winning the new event.

One of the new features of this island is that three alliances will need to work together in order to win. We plan on creating a special discord channel with all the leadership members in our allied alliances so that communication won't be a problem. We also think that making allies outside of our initial three alliance faction will help later in the island.

So far, we have reorganized the alliance rankings, kicked out our farms, and recruited new members. We currently have 87 members, but we expect to have a full 100 in time for the event.

We are hoping for some good rewards with the new event, and everyone is pumped for a change in scenery from Lost Island. We just hope this new land has more action and less redundancy. But, one thing is for sure, everyone is getting excited!


The countdown timer for Barren Land is getting closer, and my alliance is getting excited for another vacation from the server. After winning the tree yesterday, I was able to get my first nomination since being back from Lost Island. (Thank you, Sire!)

We have some new faces in the alliance that are pretty strong, and hopefully that will translate to a good experience in Barren Land. We still have some more recruiting to do, but hopefully we will have a full crew by the time we leave.

Right now, we are trying to get some more new members, test out some new lineups, rearrange our member rankings, and stock up on resources. Having our depots full of resources will be key to being prepared for the fighting to come once we get there. No one really knows what to expect, but we know that it is better to be safe than sorry. We just hope we still have enough time to accomplish our pre-vacation goals.

More updates to come…


Interview with my R5


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Interview with my R5


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With only a little over two weeks left before we leave for Barren Land, we are making last minute preparations before we go:

We are going to try and recruit our last 5 spaces to get the full 100 players in our alliance.

We are still adjusting our ranks to be better prepared.

We are collecting as many resources as we can for all the fighting to come in the event.

We are trying to hatch as many T9 soldier ants as possible to bring with us, so that we will be able to fight even before getting full lineups of our T10 and T11 season soldier ants.

SOH has also set some rules and expectations for all our members to give us the best chance of winning and doing our part in our faction. The rules and expectations we have created are:

1. We will maximize our clay everyday, and save 48k for the following day. We will build 24 towers daily in our starting area. Members will always fill tower constructions, sending up to two troops if needed.

2. We will preplan routes and set specific times for all buildings. The schedules will be followed to give all members in different timezones a chance to participate.

3. Unlike Lost Island where we used T1/T2 soldier ants for smaller buildings until everyone got a hit, we will use the strongest ants possible for all buildings.

4. All buildings will be taken by rallies only. There will not be solo attacking allowed. (Exceptions may be made later for durability challenges).

5. Towers will be assigned specific times, so that every player has a chance to participate.

Any members that do not follow the rules and expectations will be sanctioned to R0 on a per offense basis:

First offense = 1 day R0
Second offense = 5 days R0
Third Offense = Remainder of season R0

We will be adding and adjusting to these rules as we go, but we feel that this will give us some direction, and help everyone to understand that cooperation will be key to winning this event.

The timer is getting close, and we’re ready to start packing for another vacation from the server!




Tonight is an important night for us, because we will finally be out of the matchmaking period, and know who our allies and enemies will be for the event. The selection stage starts after reset, and will be able to select our starting point on the Barren Land map. We hope to get a good starting spot with close access to wonders.

We do have a member of our alliance that is on the Barren Land map on a lower server. He has been explaining things about how the new event works, but until we know our allies and enemies, it will be hard to come up with a complete strategy. Right now, we are just waiting to see who will be in our faction, and then we will try to determine the best plan for the entire team. The one thing we know for sure is that we will need to take and defend as many wonders as possible for our alliance without sacrificing the teamwork of our faction.

We’re ready to go, we just hope Barren Land is ready for us! :sunglasses:

More updates to come shortly…



SOH finally knows who our opponents and allies will be for the Barren Land event.

Luckily for us, many of us already know members in one of the other alliances in our faction. This will make it easier for us to work together towards the common goal of winning the event and defeating our enemies.

As you can see above, my alliance has the most power of all the alliances paired with us in Barren Land. Hopefully this will translate to a good outcome for the event.

We have worked with the other members of our faction to decide the starting locations for each alliance. As you can see below, SOH has chosen the light green zone with a direct clash zone with purple.

We have set up a discord server for all members and leaders of the faction, and we will be coming up with a plan for the start of the event in a couple days. Right now, we are deciding on who the camp leader will be, and which time will be chosen for the period of camp protection.

We still have a couple days of organizing ahead, but we will be ready with a set plan by the start of the event. Everyone is ready for a fight!


Barren Land - Week 1 Update

Our time has finally come, and we have arrived on the island. Everyone started out going through the initial tutorial for Barren Land, taking their ant colonies, and upgrading their first anthill buildings in an effort to raise our individual honor levels and start gaining T11 season ants. We are trying to have every alliance member get to 20k honor as quickly as possible to have enough season revival fungi when the clash zone opens.

Alliance Progress

My alliance has been busy building as many towers as we can before the tunnels open to the Clash zone. Our goal is to build 24 towers per day in our initial zone to maximize the clay output.

Below is a look at our zone and the progress SOH has made so far

We have also been trying to take as many buildings as possible to obtain as much desolate rock as we can to provide us with buffs. We hope to have more buffs than our opponents by the time war starts.

Shown below is a helpful timing tool that has made attacking the buildings easier and more effective

We took the wonder in our starting territory yesterday with the help of most of our alliance members. We were able to complete it in under 15 minutes.

Earlier today, we took three residence buildings, two level 7 and one level 6:

Everyone in SOH has been working very hard the first week, and we are very proud of our members and our alliance so far.

Faction Progress

The first week has also gone very well for our faction. We have created a discord with both a leader and general channel for members to communicate better between the alliances. SOH, RGA, and MIA seem to be getting along very well, and we have been coming up with a plan for the coming weeks in the event.

I won’t publish our current plan, because of the risk of the enemy faction reading this post, but I will be posting what the original plan was after it has been executed, and the outcome of it.

Below is the current progress of the allied alliances in our faction: MIA and RGA

We realize that sometimes plans don’t work out how we anticipate, and we will be constantly evaluating our decisions and adjusting our plans as things play out. But, we know that if our faction works together, with a little bit of luck, we can win this event!

More updates to come!..



SOH has finally entered the Clash zone today. We have taken the Tunnel and have started building our first few towers in the new zone.

Our current objective is to take as many buildings in the clash zone as we can, and start moving towards the wonder.

The progress is going well, and we have completed taking all the buildings in our initial zone, with the exception of one that we leave uncaptured for the durability challenge.

We do have an advantage as of reset today, because the other faction is in a protection period for the first 8 hours. We were able to move into the clash zone before our opponents have an opportunity to do the same. YRS will be our main opponent in the top clash zone of the map. They are also making progress, but we hope to take some buildings before they even have an opportunity to move into the clash zone.

Meanwhile, our faction allies in the south, RGA, have also started building into the southern clash zone.

MIA has also started into the southern zone below the clash in an effort to move towards the wonder.

As you can see, SOH has started building towers in MIA’s zone in case we need to help our allies in the southern clash zone later.

BuG and CTP are ready to make their moves in the south as soon as the protection period is over. We hope RGA and MIA can make good progress while they are still in the 8 hour wait to start building.

We know that the coming days will be critical in determining the progress of our faction. We are expecting full participation from all our members and allied alliances to make a significant push towards the wonders and enemies. All of our members are looking forward to fighting, and we think we have a good chance to win the battles to come.

Planning, timing, and precision execution will be the determining factors over the next few weeks, and we hope that our current plans will work and help us to win the event.

More updates to come…



Muy buen relato sobre la experiencia en nuestra isla, es verdad que hoy hemos ganado, pero faltan muchas batallas aún. Pero la unión que tenemos nos permite estar siempre presentes en la guerra !


Me encanta cómo relatas todo, y el detalle del periódico!!!
Hoy fue un gran día. Empezamos con el pie derecho y me gusta la unidad que existe en la alianza. Hoy todos sudaron y derramaron sangre en nombre de SOH. Hubo un gran trabajo en equipo y eso es lo que nos permitió ganar esta batalla inicial! Porsupuesto habrán más batallas que ganar, y la guerra no será fácil. Pero sin dudas empezar de ésta manera es una buena señal
Sigamos así, chicos!





Hemos tenido muy buena participación estos dias Blitz, gracias por transmitir nuestras ideas. Aún faltan 28 días de BL, pero como dijiste, el tiempo de construcción de torres nos dificulta mucho llegar a las áreas de nuestros aliados. Entonces debemos ser muy cuidadosos con los pasosa seguir. Por suerte hemos tenido muy biena sintonía con nuesto Camp. Tenemos buena comunicación con los lideres de las otras alianzas, por lo que tomar desiciones en conjunto nunca será un problema.


Hoy fue otro gran día para SOH. Nuestro rival no es sencillo, pero nuestro trabajo en equipo está logrando que continuemos ganando terreno en el frente del norte
La situación en el sur es preocupante y ha hecho difícil tomar algunas decisiones. Pero estoy seguro de que junto a nuestros aliados lograremos encontrar la forma de resolver esta encrucijada