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This was the first week back on the original server, so we decided to have some fun. The last Barren Land did not go as we expected, and everyone needed a break to start focusing on the next event.

We broke into a few separate alliances to have a friendly battle for the tree. SOH and TNT were the main two alliances that battled each other to gain control.

After having some fun with the tree, the two alliances worked on opening the cross server convocations to bring in new recruits for the next event, as well as farms for our members that were still on other servers. We will continue to bring in new members for the next event over the next week.

As usual, our focus over the next week in preparation for the next Barren Land will be to gain some new, powerful members, adjust ranks in our alliance, collect much needed resources and healing speedups, and continue to make an initial plan for our first couple weeks in the event.

The problem we had in the last event was with our allies and a disagreement on the protection time that was chosen. We are hoping that this time around we will be able to have a better match with alliances that have a similar active time. We also hope that the matchmaking will give us equally powered alliances, as one of the enemy alliances it paired last time was very overpowered and should not have been in our Barren Land event.

We are looking forward to the next event with high expectations for a rebuffed SOH. We know that we have a strong bond between all of our members, and they trust and listen to leadership very well. We hope that going forward, we can duplicate the success we had on our first Barren Land event. Now, it is just a waiting game to see who our allies and enemies will be once the matchmaking is completed. Until then, we will continue our efforts to prepare for the event and welcome the new and returning members, as well as setting the expectations we will need to be successful.

More updates to come…

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There is now


This week was all about recruiting and bringing new members to the alliance for the next event. We have some new faces in SOH, and some members that went on to find new paths. We brought back some former members that were with us on past events, and we are hoping to replicate the success we had on our first Barren Land. We are now going into the event with 85 members.

Everyone has been farming for much needed resources, as we anticipate the weeks of war to come. Many members ran out of resources during the last event from fighting and doing warzone tasks like evos. We hope to be full by the time we leave, so that we won’t have this problem in the future.

It is now into the matchmaking period, and we hope that we will be paried with strong allies with similar active times. The main problem we had last event was that there was a disagreement between the alliances on the protection time. We are hoping that this time around we will be able to agree on a protection time that is suitable for all three alliances in our faction.

We are also hoping that we are paired with an enemy alliance that has all three alliances with a similar power level as ours. In the last event, there was one alliance that was too overpowered for any alliance to handle. If all the paired alliances have a similar power level, we feel that we will have a good chance at winning the event.

There are 6 more days before we leave the server and get back onto Barren Land. We will continue to collect resources, adjust our ranks, and come up with an initial plan to start the event. We will also be working closely with our allies to choose the best starting positions, and choosing the best protection time for all the alliances. We will be impatiently waiting to see what allies and enemies we will be matched with this time.

Everybody in SOH is ready for another long event, and we believe we have a good chance if the matchmaking goes in our favor. SOH is full of fighters that never give up, even against near impossible odds. One thing is for sure, we will be ready when that timer hits zero!

More updates to come…



The matchmaking period has ended, and SOH finally knows who our allies and enemies will be for the new Barren Land event. We have been paired with CAS and Unc, which by luck, had a previous event together as allies. We will be going against FUL, TGL, and Mad.

Our faction has already been in communication through a new faction discord channel, and the chemistry between our alliances already seems to be very good. SOH is very excited to be working with CAS and Unc, and the feeling we have with them reminds us a lot of how our first Barren Land started. They both seem to be very strong allies, and we look forward to doing great things with them in the upcoming event!

One of the biggest challenges we had in our last Barren Land was an agreement on the protection time for the camp. This doesn’t seem to be a problem this time, as all three alliances have chosen the same time frame to keep our most active times available for fighting and building. I won’t get into specifics of the time we chose yet just in the rare case that one of the enemy alliances reads this post.

Over the next couple of days, we will be selecting our camp leader and selecting our starting points on the map. SOH seems to be drawn to the North starting point, because of the success we had there during our first event. However, we will be choosing the best option for the camp, and what all the alliances agree on. We believe that with the new features added to the event, it will be much easier for all the alliances to move around the map and help each other.

We will continue to work closely with CAS and Unc to come up with an initial plan for the start of the event. We are very happy and excited to be working with both of these great alliances, and we hope that we can replicate the success and chemistry with them that we had during our first Barren Land. We will be stocking up on resources and healing speedups over the coming days for the many battles to come!

More updates to come…


Tengo mucha fe en este nuevo equipo! La comunicación parece ser muy buena en esta ocasión y eso es una buena señal. Tenemos nuevos desafíos por delante, pero estoy seguro de que este será un buen Barren Lands
Divirtámonos :slight_smile:



The first week on Barren Land has been productive for all the alliances. We have been busy building towers and taking structures all week. SOH has chosen the purple northen zone where we are the most familiar and have had our best experience on Barren Land, CAS has chosen the middle orange zone, and Unc has chosen the yellow southern zone. This is a look at the map at this point in time:

SOH is doing very well internally, and we have been adjusting some of our ranks to be better prepared for the fights to come. All the alliances have taken their initial starting area Wonders, as well as buildings to get buffs.

We have elected Newton from CAS as the camp leader for Wreck Camp. The protection times have also been chosen. Wreck Camp has chosen to block our most inactive time of 8 to 16UTC. Stone Camp has chosen to block 16 to 0UTC. This will make our main fighting period right after reset, which seems be the best time for our faction as far as activity.

SOH is keeping in contact with CAS and Unc to make sure all three alliances are on the same page once the next phase of the event starts and the Clash zones are opened.

There is still a very long event ahead of us, but we feel that we have a very good chance of winning this event, because of the cooperation and determination of the alliances we are paired with. We believe that we will work well together, and have already avoided the pitfalls that plagued the alliances last event. Hopefully, this will translate into a successful experience for everyone. We are all very excited to let the fighting begin!

More updates to come…



The time has come for the first of the neutral clash zones to open. All the alliances have started building into these zones for the inevitable confrontations for the wonders. The first attacks from the enemy camps came from across the map yesterday. They were not trying to start an early war, but more to pull the statistics from our members to prepare for the battles to come.

SOH has been busy building towards the northern wonder in the zone we like to call “Area 51”. We have made significant progress in getting close to the wonder. TGL has also started building into this zone, but seems to have fallen behind in their builds. We are hoping that this will allow time for SOH to build around the wonder and create a stronghold for when the enemy gets closer.

Meanwhile in the south, both CAS and Unc have started building into the southern clash zone. They have started taking buildings to build their buffs while waiting for the wonder countdown. FUL and Mad have also starting building towards the southern wonder. Since there is still a few more days for countdown timer on the wonder, there is still plenty of time for CAS and Unc to reach the southern wonder and try to expel the enemy.

The current focus of our camp is to wait for the countdown timers to reach zero on the wonders, and to eradicate the enemy camp from both of these zones. The first of many battles will begin today or tomorrow in both zones. Our camp is getting ready for all possible outcomes over the coming days. We are all prepared to move to either zone to help our allies should any of the alliances run into trouble with the enemy camp.

SOH is already preparing to enter the nothern neutral zone that will open in another 9 days. We hope to have TGL out of the “Area 51” zone by the time the tunnels open to the main nothern zone.

Likewise, CAS and Unc are preparing to enter the next southern clash zone that will open in another day.

Wreck camp is ready for war against a strong Stone Camp. We are ready for the first of many battles, and we are getting our alliances prepared for a long event that we feel we have a good chance of winning. The chemistry between our allied alliances is strong, and we feel very good about our chances this Barren Land event. The coming days will be critical to how the rest of the event unfolds. We are ready for war!



Fighting has come to full bloom on our Barren Land, and SOH, Unc, and CAS have been hard at work fighting in the northern and southern zones.

In the north, SOH has fought and secured the nothern wonder. The battles have been hard against TGL which is an old alliance from server 6. The first day, SOH worked to recapture a lair 7 that was taken by TGL in the first days of Area 51 opening. This was an important battle to show strength and win a first battle scenario against a strong enemy.

TGL retreated north to try and take other buildings. Instead of following in a direct line behind them, SOH built towers to cut them off. While they managed to get ahead, we were able to retake the buildings and destroy their towers along the way. SOH now holds the nothern wonder.

While TGL was able to outrun SOH for a bit, we were able to cut them off and reclaim most of the towers and buildings they took in the northeast of the Area 51 zone. This is a look at how the map if the northern zone stands right now:

Meanwhile, in the southern zone, Unc and CAS have been hard at work battling to reclaim the southern wonder. While it took a while for FUL and Mad to build down to reach them, they had some intense battles and have pushed their way to the surrounded southern wonder.

The war in the south was slower to start than in the north, but it accelerated very quickly once the enemy reached the Unc and CAS towers. They have both been battling hard, and have now pushed to secure the southern wonder for Wreck Camp.

While the war is far from over, there have been many successes this week for SOH, Unc, and CAS against TGL, FUL, and Mad. Wreck Camp now holds both wonders in the northern and southern zones. We will work to hold onto them as we wait for the next zones to open in a few days. All in all, our faction has done great in the first week of open war. We look to continue the momentum into the next few weeks of the event.

More updates to come…



The week started with Unc and CAS securing the area around the southern wonder. SOH was able to take over some of the remaining buildings in the nothern Area 51.

The doors to the Northern clash zone have opened, and all the alliances started with a race to the wonder.

SOH, Unc, and CAS started building towers to claim buildings and make our way to the wonder that was being surrounded by the enemy camp. By the end of Day 1, the enemy had surrounded the wonder, and we needed a plan to drive them out.

SOH was the first to reach, so we built towers to the right of the wonder in an effort to cut off FUL from reaching their allies. Unc built behind us to be able to support while we fought to eliminate the FUL tower closest to the wonder before turning and focusing on both TGL and Mad coming from the south.

CAS had a further path to cover, but removed FUL towers on thier way to the back of the wonder. Unc also started to eliminate FUL towers. Between Unc and CAS, FUL was nearly cleared from the Northern clash area. Then all three alliances turned our attention to removing Mad and TGL.

After extensive cooperation between SOH, Unc, and CAS, the enemy faction lost a lot of ground in the north. Unc was able to take the wonder, CAS was working to eliminate Mad and TGL towers in the northern part of the zone, and SOH was working to stop FUL progression south and battled with TGL. The north appears to be won by Wreck Camp, but there are still some TGL towers to eliminate.

The new focus will be to remove the remaining TGL towers before turning to the tree zone in a few days. There has been a tower transfer to TGL in the south by FUL which will allow them access to the tree area.

All three alliances will be working to stop the enemy from advancing towards the tree. There is still a long war ahead, but Wreck Camp has made significant progress this week against the Stone Camp. We will continue the momentum into the new area.

More updates to come…



Disclaimer - This post contains personal views

I am disappointed with the way our event turned out. The problem started with arguments between SOH and CAS over a wrong turn in the first days of the Area 51 zone opening, and conflicts started to appear in the chat that effected the diplomatic side of things. SOH and UNC continued to work closely together in a separate chat with Unc mediating between us with CAS.

The Wreck Camp leader was voted on for the leader of CAS to lead the camp at the beginning of the event, because he showed everyone how responsible he is at planning almost every move and tower that was supposed to be placed. His strategy planning was extensive.

The leader of CAS wanted SOH to go north on the first day of battle, but leadership within SOH decided to go west to take the enemy residence instead. We made a choice to control the first fight in the zone assigned to us. SOH successfully showed strength in the first battle scenario against TGL and stole their building. This caused conflict between CAS and SOH, and arguments started in the shared discord channel. The situation escalated and forced us to close the channel for few days to calm everyone down. During this period, SOH took over almost all of the area 51 zone.

We eventually told all SOH members to leave the shared chat and not to engage with CAS in the game chats to avoid further conflicts. SOH and Unc opened a new room with a small group of leaders for the purpose of planning and communicating between our two alliances to continue with the Barren Land event without further conflicts with CAS. This went on for a while before SOH and Unc decided to open a new room for all three alliances with only a few leaders of each alliance.

The new discord room only lasted a week before talks broke down again due to comments between all the alliances in the in-game chats. The game chats began to be constantly filled with heated drama and comments from all the alliances. This lead to no communication between the alliances over strategy in the final zone.

I have told you all of that to be able to explain what has been happening this week for Wreck Camp. After our camp finished completely clearing TGL, Mad, and FUL from the Northern zone, SOH and Unc entered the tree zone from the North while CAS entered from the south.

SOH and Unc built down to the tree area while CAS had surrounded it with towers. SOH, Unc, and CAS will continue to monitor the situation, and take buildings and towers away from Stone Camp.

Unc has been a pleasure to work with this event, and SOH appreciates and respects them for their understanding and efforts to work with us through the drama we had with CAS. They are truly a great group of people, and we’re honored that we were able to have them as allies this event.

It seems that some members have reduced their gameplay and the amount of daily log ins. They seem less inclined to invest in their accounts and to put in time and effort into Barren Land and the game, because of the way this event has unfolded. Ants is supposed to be a release and a fun experience for players, but the last 4 weeks have been anything but that. While this has been a horrible event for many of us, we hope to look forward for the future of SOH. We hope to make the next Barren Land a better experience for all of our members.

Even though all three alliances have dealt with a lot of drama and arguments this Barren, I hope that it was a learning experience for everyone that we can take with us to future events.

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I just want to make sure that CAS side was represented on this forum as well. In CAS our main focus is to have fun and be competitive. We treat our members like adults. We don’t babysit anyone. If someone is bugging you, feel free to block them. If they are really out of line, report them. We trust Fairy to handle it from there. Honestly, most of those screenshots would’ve been meaningless if a single CAS member had been blocked.

As for collaboration we genuinely attempted it. Our R5 even joined your guild’s Discord channel solely for strategy discussions. Unfortunately it all turned into drama with a lot of SOH members focusing on petty in-game chat instead of actual strategy. Since nothing positive was happening he left so we could focus on our own game plan.

About the tree there aren’t any special rewards for first occupancy. Our goal was simply to protect it and secure the win. We didn’t trust our allies to handle it, especially after seeing SOH struggle to hold the northern clash zone despite the red camp buffs. When our allies chose not to help we defended it by ourselves against three other guilds proving that it was the right choice.


You’re very welcome to share the CAS side, and I appreciate your input. Yes, the screenshots shouldn’t be necessary if there was blocking, but it shouldn’t have to be blocked in the first place. You may treat your members as adults, but that was not the same case for SOH and Unc. As far as reporting, the fairy did nothing about it. Your R5 did attempt to discuss strategy, but made no efforts to get a handle on the situation like the other 2 alliances tried to do. And, as far as strategy, the only thing that SOH did wrong was on the first day of war when we went west instead of north like your R5 wanted. No matter what we did, it could not make up for this “mistake”, even dominating the Area 51 zone. And, as far as the tree, you’re right, there are no special rewards. I was simply explaining that there was no discussion for strategy for it cuz of the drama that took place, and both the other alliances were blocked out before we could reach. There are no complaints about that, and CAS really did a great job in both the nothern clash, as well as the tree zone.


Estoy completamente de acuerdo con todo el contenido que has expuesto. Desde el principio de la isla hemos recibido solo malos comentarios de parte de CAS. Y luego investigando con otros lideres nos hemos informado que no somos la unica alianza que ha recibido este trato por par de CAS. Actualmente ellos quieren dejarnos como los malos aliados, cuando la realidad es que ellos comenzaron a separar las conexiones entre aliados. Por suerte nuestro aliado UNC, han seguido jugando limpio con nosotros, y ambos (SOH y UNC) sabemos con la mala calidad de alianza que es CAS. Si bien es una alianza fuerte, la calidad moral y formas de comunicarse deja mucho que desear, porque convierten el evento Barrend Land en un ambiente tóxico donde no dan ganas de compartir estrategias con ellos.


Lia. Agregando a lo que ya dijeron mis compañeros: Ustedes nos bloquearon todos los pasos disponibles hacia el árbol y hacia el sur, y se vanagloriaban por ello ¿cómo ibamos a ayudarte?
¿Tengo que recordarles cuales eran sus comentarios al respecto? ¿Tengo que recordarles también que CAS decía que estaba carreando a UNC y SOH(además de los insultos y el acoso personal que nada tienen que ver con el juego)? Al respecto de esto último, CAS tiene 11 jugadores en el top50 de puntos de competencia. SOH tiene 20. UNC tiene 19. ¿Kills de alianza? UNC tiene más muertes que CAS. ¿Están tan seguros de que nos “carrearon”? Ustedes no hubieran hecho nada si Unc y SOH no estaban ahí. Los hechos hablan por sí solos
SOH y Unc lucharon en el único lugar en el que ustedes dejaron libre. ¿3 vs 1? No hablen tonterías. Las demás alianzas se estaban enfrentando a Unc y SOH mientras ustedes capturaban edificios y destruían torres con oposición escasa
Ojalá en el próximo Barren Lands reciban compañeros con la misma toxicidad que ustedes. Saludos


Ive never seen a staff member with MOD endorsement self sabotage a winning game. I know being in FUL we have done nothing this season but farm SOH, UNC for stage rewards. They have made it really easy. Im not sure where the disputes started but i know our camp FUL, MAD,TGL all agree CAS is the only reason they are winning . I hope you all figure it at and have fun

Good job wreck camp (cas)


Hello Peach_Plucker, thank you for signing up to the community and for your input on my blog. I’m not self sabotaging anything. I’m merely reporting relevant information as it pertains to our event and our experiences on Barren Land. I actually have a lot of respect for FUL, TGL, and Mad this event. Your camp has been very respectful and have fought hard. I’m not denying that CAS played a major role here. They are a strong alliance, and they have shown dominating force on the battlefield. I do give them a lot of credit for the way they have fought this event. They definitely were the difference maker when it comes to how the wars unfolded. However, they would not have been able to win the event without the help of Unc and SOH. One alliance cannot win the event alone. I hope you’ve enjoyed your time this Barren, and I wish you the best of luck on your future endeavors.


TGL here nice playing with you SOH.


Thank you for that warm welcome. I had no idea anyone was reporting our barren land until i heard about it. Im glad you recognize their importance in your win. From most of what ive read from this recent report i see more of you bashing them and coming off as if you have a vendetta against them it just doesnt seem very honest or have any good sportsmanship. I agree that if it was just them agaisnt 3 they probably wouldnt win (since its a team effort event) but they would definitely not make it easy for anyone even in a 3v1. Hopefully you can make your last report more tasteful and positive especially as a staff member with MOD endorsement i look forward to reading.


It has been a pleasure playing with you also, Stella!