[Record Post] S16-Amalgam-Josh-Entire Journey of Exploration(Season1)

Observer’s Information

In-Game Name: Josh

Alliance: Amalgam (S16)

Personal Observer Goal: Progressive news on LI and some helpful informations

Observer’s Journal - Table of Contents

  1. 00/00/00 - [Subject Name](http link)

  2. 05/16/22 - Subject Example 2

  3. 05/19/22 - Subject Example 3

Group 1 (Season 1. B1) Information

Name AbbrServerLeaderMembersPower
Phoenix PNX42GK1380 4,769,260,759
Ant Bully Creed ABC15 Dark Dragoon Ken95 4,864,311,609
Amalgam S162Bonacieux100 4,610,803,160
ANTouchables eUT25Boots100 4,369,787,250
Unli Willy United UwU79 ❤️ Nica ❤️79 4,625,977,691
BAD S3X BAD15Pistola84 3,635,991,687
HDS Amazing Mates 1 AM12Artas98 3,404,612,636
MyaGod of 7topia TOP30 ☆JesseJames82☆100 3,751,643,287

Update on current alliance influence ranking and important territory control like the 12 Wonders as of 6 May 2022.
Of course, we are not going to talk about territories like lair, residence, tunnel, and ferry. Simply there are too many of them and they are so boring and not unique! We are going to look at who is controlling the 12 wonders of the lost island MAP!:tada:

Alliance influence ranking:

  1. #15(ABC) 448k
  2. #42(PNX) 386k
  3. #25(eUT) 346k
  4. #2(AM1) 253k
  5. #15(BAD) 225k
  6. #30(TOP) 102k
  7. #16(S16) 60k
  8. #21(UwU) 40k

Now! Who controls the 12 wonders of the lost island and how does it compare to the alliance influence ranking?

  1. (ABC) 4 Wonders!:
  2. (PNX) and (EUT) 3 wonders for each alliance!
  3. (AM1) and (BAD) 1 wonders for each alliance
  4. (S16), (TOP), and (UwU) 0 wonders

As you can see, the influence of an alliance is heavily linked to the number of wonders they control! How will the future play out between these alliances, more strategical opinions about the war on the lost island will play out and will be released soon!

#Post 1


Interesting case study of (eUT) Alliance current situation and future relations with AM1 and ABC alliances:

You must be wondering what is so interesting about alliance eUT that I made a case study about it, it is not just about eUT actually. This alliance will affect the relations between PNX, ABC, and AM1 alliances.

Currently, eUT is “landlocked” towards the land of abundance, they are trapped at the south and southeast of the map as you can see from the video. They have the strongest neighbor which is the ABC alliance. However, you can see that there is a clear white unoccupied block of buildings between eUT and ABC alliance, which shows they have some form of non-aggression pact against each other for the time being.

Now. Take a look at the west of eUT alliance’s long territorial control. Something seem amiss! eUT is currently landlocked as AM1 has cut off the roads toward the land of abundance by setting up lairs and residences in front of the entrance to the land of abundance, coincidentally both ABC and AM1 form a “great wall of china” in front of eUT alliance!

Theory time!

  1. eUT alliance remains in a peace pact with ABC while they invade the top of the AM1 alliance for a route to the land of abundance.
  2. eUT is ganged up by both AM1 and ABC, as ABC feels that eUT has grown too big and decides to help eUT lose some weight?
  3. eUT sign alliance with AM1? Then push ABC to reduce their control and chance of getting land of abundance?!:white_check_mark:

Side Note There are chances like PNX alliancing or waging a war towards ABC if anything happens between ABC and eUT with AM1 or them!

#Post 2


Tips and tricks for players who don’t have enough speed-ups/ diamonds for hatching day. This week the game allows you to choose two development optional events.

These tips can help those who are not so active in fighting but might help others also. (As you know people who fight and are on duty for their alliance usually can’t focus on gathering on Saturday and Sunday(alternate week) as it is optional and not everyone is gathering on that day. (Except Tuesday when everyone gathers without a choice). Hence, most people choose hatching day for Saturday, so what if you don’t have enough hatch speeds ups/ diamonds?

How do you gather double day on Saturday and Sunday? Below will be the timeline and why is these pretty feasible.


  1. Send all units to LVL 6 meat/leaves nodes at 5.30-6 pm then open 50% gathering boost at 10-11 pm.
  2. 8.30 am pull back all units with advance berry.
  3. 9 am-9.20 am send all units to gather again.
  4. Pull back all units at 5.30-6 pm with adv berry. (9th shell achieved)
  5. 6.30-7 pm send all units to gather again at level 6 or above nodes.
  6. Repeat steps 2 and 3.
  7. 5-5.30 pm pull all units back with normal berry.
    Monday morning-
  8. Take back all units before 8 am. (9th shell achieved)
  9. Step 8 (optional) can be skipped if you star up some insects and you can get the 9th shell by 5.30-6 pm or even 9 am in the morning.

Conclusion on why it is feasible: Saturday gathering is just like Tuesday gathering nothing special. However, some might feel weird to gather double days as you won’t have time to fight. Sunday can be achieved easily 9th shell through the help of insect star up, which means you can get the 9th shell in the morning if you gather yesterday at step 5.

Everyone has different timing, my time is according to GMT+8

#Post 3


Future prediction: Which alliance would have the highest chance of occupying the land of abundance and the nearby areas?! Well, this topic is controversial, but let’s talk about which few alliances can even get into the area.

RED BOX = tunnels towards the land of abundance. (North, East, and West)
Purple area= PNX will most likely control those areas and they currently control the North tunnels.
Light green area= ABC will most likely control those areas and they currently control the East tunnels!
Cyan area= Either eUT will negotiate with AM1 by sharing tunnels or eUT and AM1 will start a war with high chances as I personally don’t think either side is willing to let more alliances into the area of land of abundance!

Main topic: Which alliance can occupy the area around the land of abundance and occupy the tree eventually?
Four factors that will most likely decide which alliances can control most of the fortress inside and finally a single alliance occupying the land of abundance tree!

  1. The number of active players in each alliance that participate in war. (Higher amount of active players brings a huge advantage as they have more manpower and firepower!)

  2. The overall strength of each player in the alliance. E.g. (If each average alliance player has 4 full units of SXI they would have a higher chance compared to the alliance that has an average of 2-3 units of SXI).

  3. Commitment and time is an important factors and consistency. (Whichever alliance is more committing to invest a lot of time in it will have an edge over the rest).

  4. How near are the players in each alliance to the tree. (Travelling time)

In conclusion, these 4 are the most important factors that decide who will control more area inside and thus get a higher chance of occupying the tree.

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Update of the lost island on current alliance influence ranking and honor ranking(individual) on 9 May 2022!:tada:

Alliance influence ranking:

  1. #15(ABC) 560k
  2. #42(PNX) 486k
  3. #25(eUT) 419k
  4. #2(AM1) 305k
  5. #15(BAD) 178k
  6. #30(TOP) 135k
  7. #21(UwU) 67k
  8. #16(S16) 54k

Anthill honor ranking:

  1. (eUT) Boots 78.8k
  2. (ABC) Squatch 67.2k
  3. (ABC) Aiiyoyo 63.5k
      1. will be in the photo below provided for references!

#Post 5


Tips on how to be able to purchase all 4 Bio-essence and a single exotic shell from the season store every week without fail!

The most important rule is to be consistent for this to work without fail and even with 1.2k extra lost island fruity on Monday morning! This is proven to work as I have 1.2k fruit even today morning while I fully purchased all 4 Bio-essence and a single exotic shell from the season store!

Before you continue reading, these are the requirement for this strategy to work!

  1. You must be a cultivator and either cultivate meat or leaf. (With all those features like extra x amount of rss/h)
  2. You must not be too active in fighting against other players, you can still fight but can’t be a lot.

Now! If you are not sure how to get lost island fruits refer to the photo below.

3 factors are needed for this strategy.

  1. Always hunt level 18-19 hornet for the first 20 wild creatures and all 10 level 35 gecko or above when the game reset at 00:00 UTC.
  2. Always send all 4 units to gather meat or leaves from 01:00 UTC to 5:00 UTC, then take back to waste stamina and send it again until the next morning.

Hence, if you do all these you will be able to purchase all Bio-essence and exotic shells from the store. However, the limiting factor is you cannot fight a lot for your alliance! This is proven to work, as I tried it myself last week! So it is good for people who are not active in fighting!

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Tips and strategy for attacking resources node that is level 7 and above. Have you ever wondered why sometimes resource node is so hard to attack? Because you are not using the right strategy! (Useful for not extremely strong players)

For the people who don’t know, on the lost island. Resource nodes that produce different types of troops are guarded by three different types of troops unit.:white_check_mark:

  1. Produce carriers, defender= Guardians
  2. Produce shooters, defender= Carriers
  3. Produce Guardians, defender= Shooters

Depending on your main unit, e.g. for me personally, I am shooter main and it is always easy for me to occupy level 7 or above resource nodes that are defended by carriers or shooters.

Why? 2 factors contribute to this result.

  1. Shooters have an advantage over carrier
  2. Shooters and shooters are fair matches

But why are guardians so hard to win against as shooter main?

  1. Guardians have a natural advantage over shooters.
  2. Guardians are slow dragging ants which means they probably can still have some amount alive. Hence, mean you will lose.

Moral of the story and solution:
No matter which resource node it is, always use the nature of law (Evo and the game settings).
Guardians can be easily defeated if you are a carrier main, if you are a shooter you should always go for shooters or carriers defended resource nodes.

Shooters > Carriers
Carriers > Guardians
Guardians > Shooters

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Secret tip on how to help your alliance save clays! Before I proceed, for those who are not aware of what is clay, it is a material necessary to build alliance towers that act as a path and link buildings to buildings.
The tip to save clay is not what you thought! Of course, I won’t say you will need more players to be active to get more clay each day! That is general knowledge I believe if you are an R4 or R5 of your alliance…

So… What is the secret tip? For this tip to function, you need to fulfill 3 requirements.

  1. Be online when your enemies are invading/destroying your alliance tower currently building.
  2. Dismantle the alliance tower 5 minutes before it fully destructs by enemies stationed troops.
  3. Be an R3, R4, or R5.

You might be like, really? Well, these strategies and tips are good for recycling back 80% of the 2000 clays of each alliance tower that has not been fully built yet but is in the process. Especially, if at the moment your alliance doesn’t have strong players online to defend, by saving 80% of the clays used, your alliance can rebuild when you guys are free with a good amount of clays in storage.

What do you think about this strategy? Feel free to reply with your feedback:)! (Especially efficient for alliances that are constantly expanding).


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Updates on wonders current occupation by alliances as of 10 May 2022!

Introduction of all wonders for people who are unsure of all the 12 names of the 12 wonders of the lost island🎉 !

  1. The Lunisolar Shell Lv.8
  2. Starfish Habitat Lv.8
  3. Coral Fairyland Lv.8
  4. Forsaken Fishbone Lv.8
  5. Conch Fortress Lv.8
  6. Crab Relic Lv.8
  7. Fruits Kingdom Lv.9 (Clash Area)
  8. Shark Remains Lv.9 (Clash Area)
  9. Shellfish Feast Lv.9 (Clash Area)
  10. Twins Conchs Lv.8
  11. Shining Shells Lv.8
  12. Sand of Turtle Remains Lv.8

Alliance occupations on wonders:
ABC- 6. 9. 10. 11.
PNX- 1. 7. 12.
eUT- 3. 4. 5. 8.
AM1- 2.
BAD- None
TOP- None
UwU- None
S16- None

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Introduction of the lost island map!

Most of you know about the lost island map, but do you know the specific area name and division name of the map?

Table of content:
Initial Areas- Total amount: 9 (The 9 Wonders in the total of 12 mentioned on Post 9)
Clash Areas- Total amount: 3 (The 3 Clash Wonders in the total of 12)
Abundance Area- Land of abundance.

Within Pink Area- Clash Areas & Abundance Area
Outside Pink Area- Initial Areas
Purple box- E.g. of Initial Areas
Blue box- Clash Areas
Red box- Abundance Area (Land of abundance)

In conclusion, the lost island map is divided into 9 provinces/states of initial areas where alliances are landed, 3 Clash Areas are basically small states that are necessary to be occupied in order to get into the Abundance Area where the tree of abundance is located at!

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How are you guys liking lost island?

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This was a one month plus ago thing, not new lol


Tips on hunting LVL 18 and above hornets!:Fight:

Do you feel like there isn’t many >LVL 18 hornet near you? Like after hunting 3-4 of it, then you find it hard to find another one! Today I will give u a sweet and short tip that will solve your problem at ease!

What do you have to do? (Steps by Steps)

  1. Go out of your hill and go to the map.
  2. Try to find the border between different initial areas/ clash areas, the best spot is the tri-direction borders with abundant high-level hornets available for hunting! An e.g. is provided below with photo details :):tada:

Why is this effective and useful?:smiling_imp:

  1. Effective and quick hunting of high-level hornets for high exp during special ants development day, save spores by hunting up to 80 insects each day!

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Information about RSS Nodes:

Table of Content:

  1. The number of troops and tier of troops in different level resource nodes.

  2. Different kinds of RSS Nodes produce different kinds of SXI Troops.

  3. What is the production speed of SXI tier ants depending on different levels of RSS nodes.

  4. RSS nodes, from Lvl.1 to Lvl.9, and the defending troop’s tier and amounts.

Level 1 Tiles: 30,000 T4
Level 2 Tiles: 50,000 T7
Level 3 Tiles: 120,000 T8
Level 4 Tiles: 225,00 T9
Level 5 Tiles: 270,000 T10
Level 6 Tiles: 270,000 Season T11 (SXI)
Level 7 Tiles: 300,000 SXI
Level 8 Tiles: 390,000 SXI
Level 9 Tiles: 450,000 SXI

  1. Different kinds of RSS Nodes produce different kinds of SXI Troops.

Meat: Randoms
Plant: Carrier
Wet Soil: Guardians
Sand: Shooters
Diamond: Randoms

  1. The production of SXI depending on the level of each tile is below:

Level 1 Tiles: 2/h
Level 2 Tiles: 4/h
Level 3 Tiles: 6/h
Level 4 Tiles: 7/h
Level 5 Tiles: 9/h
Level 6 Tiles: 11/h
Level 7 Tiles: 14/h
Level 8 Tiles: 17/h
Level 9 Tiles: 21/h

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Strategy on how to hit higher damage on groundhog with the extra buff from the lost island!

What are the extra buffs you receive? And how can you make good use of these buffs to get a higher ranking on GH damage?

Categories of extra buff are divided into two sections:

  1. Fortress Occupation Buffs; these are the buffs you receive depending on how many fortresses on the lost island map are occupied by your alliance currently.
  2. Anthill Enhancement Buffs; these are the buffs that differ for each individual according to the enhancement level of individual hills.

Now that you know clearly about the two types of extra buffs you receive in the lost island. Do you know which buffs work for groundhog?

Both fortress occupation buffs and anthill enhancement buffs work for groundhog (PvE) and Player VS Player (PvP).

However, within anthill enhancement buff, not all work for the groundhog.

For example, evolution fungi “Increase Season Soldier Ants Attack”, while Mutation Flora is “When fighting for Fortress increase all soldier ants attack”.
There is a difference between these two, only evolution fungi will work for PvP and PvE, while Mutation Flora only works for fortress, e.g. Lair, tunnel and etc.

Below will be the list of enhanced buildings that contribute to higher damage to groundhogs:

  1. Queen
  2. Evolution Fungi
  3. Pro rally center (Other rally centers can work as well)

Hence, focus on upgrading these 3 enhancement buildings if you want to get higher groundhog damage than your sever members that previously you have similar statistics with.

#Post 13

Strategy and tips about hunting geckos level 35 or 40.

  1. Gecko appears near your alliance spawn, build some alliance tower beside to have a high chance of including gecko within your territory. (No station troops)
  2. Gecko gives you resin which helps to enhance buildings that are important for PvP, Pve, and honor ranking.
  3. Gecko gives you 320 resin per attack which is 3200 resin in 10 attacks each day.
  4. Join rallies for weaker players to avoid severe damage to troops or rally geckos yourself if you are strong enough to hunt them on your own.
  5. On the other hand, gecko not only gives you 320 resin per attack but the first successful hunt awards the player 600 resin. A day total amount of 3800 Resin.
  6. Avoid Hunting geckos that are too far from your anthill, the further it is, the stronger it is.
  7. Only use SX or SXI for LVL 35 Gecko and only SXI for LVL 40. Why? Avoid severely damage troops and waste of stamina which is precious in lost island game mode!

#Post 14

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Tips for more resources on lost island!

How to get resources on the lost island? The lost Island is very resource consuming, but there is actually a way to grow 70 million sands each week into RSS Storage.

Below are a few ways to achieve it:

  1. Always hunt hornets and choose sand.
  2. DO ALL Colony actions whenever possible! Never waste all points just in one colony’s actions, you are throwing away a lot of good stuff by doing that.
  3. Try to win SVS every day.
  4. Complete the 9th shell every day except Monday if you are maxed.
  5. Complete all force of life events.

By doing all these, within a week your storage for sand will grow by 70 million, not including if you spend it of course!

#Post 15

Latest news for eUT and AM1 alliances!:tada: If you remember what I said in #Post 2 on 7 May 2022, it seems like half of the result is out!

From what I observe from the current map at the choke point of AM1 in front of the tunnels towards of land of abundance, eUT is building alliance towers towards it while AM1 did not attack or destroy their alliance towers!

What does this mean? It means that eUT and AM1 have agreed on a possible alliancing pact and sharing of the 3 tunnels among both alliances!

Of course, it is a piece of good news for eUT and AM1 members… but what about PNX and ABC alliances?

  • Would PNX and ABC alliance in the abundance area?
  • Did AM1 just allow the sharing of tunnels or did AM1 and eUT allianced fully together? For E.g. AM1 will attack PNX while eUT will focus on the ABC alliance?

No one knows exactly besides the members of the respective alliance of AM1 and eUT! But the possibility of it is high!
But what we can confirm now is that AM1 agreed to share tunnels with eUT!

I am sure more mystery will unfold as the abundance area event opens!

#Post 16

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New Strategic cooperation of PNX and TOP alliancing together?

Just like the recent “alliance” between AM1 and eUT, it is highly possible now that TOP and PNX will form an alliance pact on the North side of the abundance area!

Why? ABC is technically a strong alliance as the leading alliance among all, while eUT is alliancing with AM1. So PNX has to get a partner to have more players to gain control in the abundance area.
The best way to get more players is by alliancing with other alliances that are nearby with no tunnels like the TOP alliance!

A picture is provided below to show how TOP has built a road towards the tunnel that seems to be going to share between PNX and TOP!

Could we see a three-sided pact playout in the abundance area? Let’s stay curious and continue to observe!

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