Greetings from Jerry: Season Selection Period Notice (S2-S100)

Greetings from Jerry: Season Selection Period Notice (S2-S100)

Dear Ruler,

This is your good friend, Jerry. Congratulations, your server has entered the Selection Period now. This will be the last peaceful time before the battle starts, and I can feel the intensity in the air. You and your Alliance are about to embark on an exciting Season journey, which will be an important process to witness the rise of the ants.

As a member of Ant Kingdom, you cannot refuse to participate in this historical event. Come to our Official Forum Season Record channel and post your Alliance’s Season experience like the Season Log to share your Season experience with other players!

We are looking forward to your performance and wish you and your Alliance the best of luck!

Season-2 Matching &Group List is prepared, check the link for details:

The Ants Studio