[Record Post] S16-Amalgam-Josh-Entire Journey of Exploration(Season1)

Update on the Prediction of the alliance playout in the land of abundance, (TOP+PNX) vS (AM1+eUT) vS (ABC).

If you remember what I posted on 8 May 2022 aka #Post 4, the prediction now has a slight change because of the new alliances going together through agreements and pacts. Of course, this will diversify the chance of who really occupies the land of abundance at the end of the event!

I have drawn a map showing the possible alliance pact showdown soon in the land of abundance! These look like the famous spring and autumn period of the three kingdoms fighting for the central domination of the land of abundance!


Red = Possible territorial control by mainly PNX alliance and subsequently the TOP alliances
Blue = Possible territorial control by AM1 and eUT alliances
Green = Full control by ABC alliance

Lastly, from my observation, these alliances that allianced with an agreement pact probably have different interests among them, we might be able to see some betrayal and guessing between them! Let’s wait and time will tell us the story!

A picture for reference is provided below.

#Post 18

What to do if your alliance is losing all grounds, with little fortress left? :+1: Well, if this is the scenario for you, then you should focus on farming on the lost island! Why? Farming allows you to save RSS while completing most of the individual quests assigned to you, since your alliance has already lost then reap the most benefit out of this outcome!

So what should you do if your alliance is like the above stated?

  1. Complete 500 daily points for lost island fruits.
  2. Kill 10 LVL 35 or 45 Geckos for all cell rewards, speed ups, diamonds, honey, etc.
  3. Hunt 20 LVL 18 or above hornets for amazing rewards like spores and a free choice of RSS packs!
  4. Enhance buildings that are necessary for your self-development, increasing your stats can help you lower severely damage troops in the wild hunt or even attacking resource tiles.

Lastly, if you have extra stamina at the end of the day, you can complete quests e.g. attacking enemies’ RSS tile or hunting more hornets for resources as it is very scarce on the lost island.

#Post 19

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Update on lost island hornets!

Level 20 hornets now are released into the map, hunt high-level wild creatures for more point boost in SVS and earn more lost island fruits!

Why is it important to hunt level 20 hornets?

More lost island fruits = More bio-essence = More exotic shell for star up = better development!

#Post 20

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Helpful tip, thank you.

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Observation of lost island Season 1 Group 5 on 12 May 2022.:hocho:

What are alliances currently thinking? Alliances with strong and active players are currently either trying to occupy more unoccupied fortress or invade weaker alliance’s fortress currently.

Why do they want to occupy more fortresses around the map? As much as possible?

These fortresses give benefits like more SXI troops production, more attack, defense, and health buffs. These are the essentials and edge that they can get when the land of abundance event opens, these buffs can help them out a lot and might help them to occupy the tree eventually.

Now. Which are those alliances currently more active in doing these stated?

  1. ABC is occupying as many fortresses as they can beside them that are unoccupied, as can be seen from the photos provided below.

  2. eUT has many alliances beside them which are weaker compared to theirs, so now eUT is trying to expand towards those alliances by taking many of their fortresses before the abundance of the area starts.

Other alliances currently do not continue to actively occupy the new fortress except eUT and ABC.

#Post 21

Tips, strategies, and rules of the tree of abundance for people who are unaware! Might be helpful for players who are participating in this event.

First, I will explain the rule, directly quoting from the game itself to ensure no error or misrepresentation of information to all players for fairness.

  1. You can attack the Tree of Abundance connecting to Alliance Territories.

  2. There are powerful Stationed Troops in Tree of Abundance. Defeating all of them will reduce the durability of the Tree of Abundance. The Alliance that destroys the last 1 durability will occupy the Tree of Abundance.

  3. After the Tree of Abundance is occupied, it will enter a certain protection period, during which it cannot be attacked.

  4. The Alliance that occupied the Tree of Abundance can teleport to the neutral territory within this Area.

  5. The occupation of Tree of Abundance will affect the Season rewards for Alliance. 6. When marching to Tree of Abundance, the marching speed of the unit will be a fixed speed.

Now that you know all the rules well, let’s talk about how can knowing these give you an edge in helping your alliance and yourself in occupying the tree of abundance!

  • Try to send all 4 marches at the time when the tree building stability is around 10-15% if your march period is around 4 minutes. This is the rough estimation that might help you to destroy the last 1% stability.
  • Don’t waste troops by keeping spamming attacks on the tree of abundance at the start, only wait until all the station troops are killed by other alliances then proceed to spam all units to destroy the stability of the tree.
    Why? Save your speed-ups and RSS for later, let the enemy take most of the cost of attacking the tree. Hence, even if your alliance didn’t occupy the tree, you won’t lose much stuff but just some stamina. (Play smart not play hard :))

#Post 22

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Breaking News!:tada:

Lost island season store sudden update! All the items in the season’s store have been replenished, which means if you bought an exotic shell before today, you can purchase them again!

Go buy your second exotic shell again as quickly as possible!!!

#Post 23

Tips and tricks for completing season achievement (Personal rewards).

Inside this season’s achievements tasks, there are 2 different tasks that can be completed concurrently.

  1. Personally occupied resource yourself, LV.3/5/7 and above.
  2. Personally capture 30 of other Alliance’s Level 1/3/5/7 above resource nodes cumulatively.

These 2 can be completed concurrently by doing 2. only.

Also always try to attack enemies Lvl 7 and above tiles only so you can save stamina and complete the quest quicker!

#Post 24

Update as of 13 May 2022, on Anthill Honor ranking and Alliance influencing ranking!

Most of the ranking remains around the same, but updates on the points increased :smiley:

Photos for details are provided below. (This is a renewal update from previous #Post 1 and #Post 5)

#Post 25


Tips and strategy on how to successfully invade an enemy hill that might be stronger than you slightly!

  1. Prepare a unit 1,2, or 3 to first invade the hill of the enemy.
  2. After you sent 1 unit, as quickly as possible within a second you should try to send your pro unit with full SXI in.

What to take note of?
Do not give the enemy reaction time to refill his ants so you can cause heavy damage to him/her.

How does this strategy work?

Basically, our first unit can be filled with tier 9, and this unit serves the purpose to debuff the enemy frontline. Then send ur best full SXI pro unit and blitzkrieg the enemy defense.

#Post 26

Observation of current anthill power ranking and anthill kill ranking as of 14 May 2022!

Today we will be observing the top 15 ranking players for Anthill kill and power!!!:tada:

For more details, refer to the photo below to record the journey of the lost island :D.

For anthill power ranking no.1 on the leaderboard is currently (ABC)MrROBOT.:hocho:
For anthill kill ranking no.1 on the leaderboard is currently (eUT)Boots.

#Post 27

Observation of current alliance kills ranking and alliance power ranking as of 14 May 2022!

Today we will be observing the alliance kills ranking and alliance power ranking, this serves as a journey log for our lost island season 1 Group 5 :D!

Photos are provided below for data collection and reference!

For alliance kills ranking no.1 on the leaderboard is (S16) Amalgam.:hocho:
For alliance power ranking no.1 on the leaderboard is (ABC) Ant Bully Creed.

#Post 28


Observation: Triple alliance pact coming soon???

As we had observed at #Post 16 on May 11, 2022, AM1 and eUT have kind of agreed on a pact for sharing the tunnel towards the abundance area.

Today is 14 May 2022, and seems like the duo pact between AM1 and eUT soon becoming a trio alliance pact? Could this be a new multi-alliances pact?

By observing the current map situation, it seems like UwU is also possibly going to take part in the abundance area event?

Would a new multi-alliance pact consist of UwU, AM1, and eUT being formed? How strong would such an alliances pact be? Could it be unshakeable or easily collapsed with a blow of wind?

How would this change the possible outcome of the race of champion at the abundance area? Let’s wait and see!


Cyan = UwU alliance
Purple= AM1 alliance
Orange= eUT alliance

#Post 29

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Season UPDATE! Alliance (TOP)MyaGod of 7topia fortress control map layout!

Date recorded: 14 May 2022

#Post 30 (Part 1-TOP)

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Season UPDATE! Alliance (BAD)BAD S3X fortress control map layout!

Date recorded: 14 May 2022

#Post 31 (Part 2-BAD)

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Season UPDATE! Alliance (PNX)Phoenix fortress control map layout!

Date recorded: 14 May 2022

#Post 32 (Part 3-PNX)

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Season UPDATE! Alliance (UwU)Unli Willy United fortress control map layout!

Date recorded: 14 May 2022

#Post 33 (Part 4-UwU)

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Season UPDATE! Alliance (eUT)ANTouchables fortress control map layout!

Date recorded: 14 May 2022

#Post 34 (Part 4-eUT)

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Season UPDATE! Alliance (ABC)Ant Bully Creed fortress control map layout!

Date recorded: 14 May 2022

#Post 35 (Part 6-ABC)

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Season UPDATE! Alliance (AM1)HDS Amazing Mates 1 fortress control map layout!

Date recorded: 14 May 2022

#Post 36 (Part 7-AM1)

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