Lost Island Season 2 - News Hub

The new season for the Lost Island Event is currently in the preparation phase for servers 2-100 (Batch 1), with other Batches being opened to servers 101 and up soon. There’s a lot of information going back and forth, which can be hard to track.

To help, we’ve created this News and Information hub, which will be updated throughout the event. Please note: If this post currently looks bare, it’s only because the event hasn’t started yet.

Official News Releases

07-14-22 - Episode 1 - Season Announcement
07-15-22 - Episode 2 - Enrollment Requirements & Server Convocation
07-20-22 - Episode 3 - Developer FAQ Responses


Lost Island Beta Map
Season 2 Special Ants (To be added later)
Building Enhancement Charts

How To…

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