New Lost Island Breaking News (Ep.3): Official FAQ about New Version

New Lost Island Breaking News (Ep.3): Official FAQ about New Version

New version has already been released on July 18th. Meanwhile, we’ve also received many questions.
Today, we will answer the questions. Hopefully, it will be helpful for you.
Long story short! Let’s check them out!

Q1. Do you need to unlock all T8 Soldier Ants or just any type to be eligible for the upcoming Season?
A1. You just need to unlock any type of T8 Soldier Ant.

Q2. Are you planning to adjust the cost that is need to redeem items and the content of the Season Store?
A2. The redemption mechanism of the Season Store has been partially tweaked, and you can check its description when the Season starts.

Q3. A Crimson Fragger is included in the Season rewards. Can we obtain this Special Ant for free?
A3. For sure! You can obtain a Crimson Fragger Fragments which can be used to make a Crimson Fragger as long as you achieve Season Milestones.

Q4. It’s said Season Luck Point has been improved. So are there any adjustments to the Special Ants that can be hatched?
A4. There is no adjustment for that.

Q5. In the Lost Island Hatch, has the hatching rate of Season Special Ants been increased or not? (many people care about this)
A5. Compared with the Beta Season, there are no changes on the hatching rate, but when you reach 300 and 600 Luck Points, a Season Special Ant will be guaranteed.

Q6. Does the stamina required to occupy, build, or destroy the Alliance’s Towers have been changed?
A6. In the new Season, it will cost 5 stamina to occupy, build, and destroy Alliance Tower.

Q7. Is the duration of the Season still the same as before, or it has been modified?
A7. There is no adjustment for that.

Q8. Does the amount of Lost Island Fruits that can be obtained have been increased in the new Season? (It refers to those can be obtained for free and can be used to redeem for items in the Season Store.)
A8. In some of the previous Season events, the dropped quantity of Lost Island Fruits have been increased. Besides, you can also obtain Lost Island Fruits In the new event [Marsh Hunter].

Q9. Does the stamina consumed on hunting wild creatures and lizards on Island have been decreased (compared to
A9. We didn’t change the stamina consumption of hunting wild creatures and lizards, so does the stamina recovery speed.

Q10. Does the setting for Clay capacity get removed?
A10. In the official Season, we have added the limit on the number of Clay that Alliances can obtain on a daily basis as well as the Alliance Clay Capacity. But don’t worry, we’ve also lowered the difficulty of obtaining the ‘‘Island Dominator’’ and ‘‘Island Explorer’’ rewards in the Season Alliance Occupation Rewards

Q11. Is the layout of the map still the same as before?
A11. Minor tweaks have been made to the Season map, but the overall layout remains the same.

Q12. Will players on S2-S650 have chances to migrate servers?
A12. After the Season open, they can migrate to other servers with the new feature – [Cross-Server Convocation].

Q13. At the last migration event, some alliances can not migrate because they already signed up the Season. What will happen to these players?
A13. We are sorry for all the inconvenience caused! We will release a new feature [Cross-Server Convocation] during registration period! This will help you migrate servers. If you want to change servers, please get prepared.

Q14. When other server’s alliance leaders invite players to join their alliance, will they need to use Migration tokens? Or any similar items?
A14. There is no need to use any game items to migrate servers through [Cross-Server Convocation].

Q15. How does the alliance matching mechanism work?
A15. The matching mechanism is based on the overall Alliance Strength, Active Players, and other factors.

Q16. In the official Season, will the Season Group be the same as that of the Cross-Server Convocation, and players be matched within the same group for Seasons?
A16. No, it will not. All the alliances that have signed up successfully will be matched together in the same group of Season.


I have one question: will the resources and other wild life be the same or will there be different things that we can do and also will the war zone in the land of abundance have different things for us as the ant community can be aware of ?

I’ve been playing it for a year now and I’m still quit new to this

And will there be other things to hunt in the game?

Zone 652
(OXB) The Fire Nation


There are different stronger insects can be hunted in lost island.
You get lost island fruits from killing the insects and they can be exchange with different items like bio essence and rss.