New Lost Island Breaking News (Ep.2): Confidential Document

The Confidential Document of the Lost Island that Jerry received revealed a lot of optimization, many of them based on players’ feedback, and some of the most attractive features included:

  1. Season Sign-up requirements have been adjusted to “at least 50 different members have logged in within the last 3 days, and at least 35 of them have unlocked T-8 or above Soldier Ants”.

  2. Added a new feature: Cross-Server Convocation. Alliance Leaders can convene Rulers from other servers to join their Alliances.
    If you missed the previous Migration Events for some reason, it doesn’t matter. The Leaders of Alliances can initiate the Cross-Server Convocation invitation to the servers within the same group when they meet the initiating requirements. If you and the other Alliance belong to the same group, you can take this opportunity to migrate to that Alliance’s server and join them.

  3. Added a new feature: quit the Season in advance. From the 17th day after the Competition Period starts, R5 and R4 members can initiate a vote to quit the Season. Please view the event for further details.
    Are you still frustrated that you can’t quit the Season? No worries. The new quitting feature can meet your needs. As more features are revealed, the Season game experience will be more interesting than ever.

These are parts of the optimizations for this confidential document. If you were to rate these optimizations from low to high (bad, good, perfect), what would you comment?

Leave your answer and ID number in-game. All players who participate in this event as required can have a chance to gain Wet Soil *30,000, Meat *30,000, Plant *30,000, and 1-min Speedup *30.

Rewards will be issued within 7 working days after the deadline ends: 2022.07.21 23:59:59 (UTC).


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Id. 8448390
Server. 192

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Good (except convocation)
Id: 2912620

ID : 18374360 d35tod serveur 417

Bonjour , serait-il possible que la nouvelle saison de l île soit un évènement de coopération entre équipe. Je m explique : 4 équipes qui coopèrent contre un ennemi commun. On pourrait construire une fourmilière, collecter ressources, améliorer les fourmis, récupérer des terrains, avoir des défis de créatures ou d attaquent dz terrain qelon le lvl de la fourmilière.Pour finir a la fin du jeu a un objectif commun. (une attaque d un mega frelon ou d une énorme fourmilière…)

Great !
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Server: 501

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Server : 386

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Server 134
Mr bookey

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ID: 25771943


I think it starts at juli 26

Server #270
ID: 11733728

Wait for it, Maybe 28, July.



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Interesting. Cant wait.

iD : 36358509
Server #730

ID: 5909683
Server: 104

Not bad
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Server 732

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