**Zone Migration**

Zone Migration

Duration: 31. October 1:00:00 – 2nd November 23:59:59 (UTC)
Scope of this Event: S751—S775

Migration Group:
Group 1: S751 - 775

Every Ruler has only one chance to migrate to another Zone during the event and can only migrate to the Zone within the Group.
:star:And a certain amount of Migration Tokens will be consumed when you migrate. The higher the level of the Queen, the more Migration Tokens will be consumed.
Now you can prepare in advance.

Number of Server migration tokens required for
Level 15~17: 1
Levels 18~19: 2
Level 20: 3
Level 21: 4
Level 22: 6
Level 23: 8
Level 24: 10
Level 25: 15

Now you can prepare in advance.

Migration Tokens can be obtained by purchasing specific packs (packs containing migration items) or by consuming Alliance contributions to redeem them from the alliance store.
(Zone Migration only opens when your Queen has reached lvl15. It also opens for Rulers who upgrade their Queens to level 15 before the event is over.)

The new journey must be full of adventures and challenges! Do you also look forward to it?

You can tap [Power] > [Setting] > [Instruction] > [Migration Zone] to know more details.

※Special Note: There is a limit on the number of migration people, so please be careful.

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