General migration between servers

When is the General Migration Event which is we can move from our original to newest server. is it possible? I am currently in 1000 to 1050 bracket and i want to move to newer server like 1100 and up.

Thank you.

Hello @Sales_Jr_Villanueva,

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We don’t have specific information on when developers will start the migration event. Typically, players receive email notifications about events and updates on the game’s events page.

But you can take advantage of the "cross-server Call " event. This event is usually activated during the registration period for events such as “Lost Island” or “Arid Lands”. During this window, you will have the opportunity to migrate to another server that is within the batch.

Stay up to date with our community and stay tuned to the game updates and Events section for the latest information on migration and other exciting events.

Have fun with ants!

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