Tips for beginners (different modes of play)

Hey! It looks like you´re a new player and you´re interested in The Ants: Underground Kingdom.

Well, the game can be seen a little tough at the beginning, but… I got for you some basic advices that´ll help you a lot in the future (your friend MoonClover always hold your back :heart_decoration:)

To start is good for you to know what kind of server are you in, is it peaceful or hostile? Besides of that you should think if you’re an aggressive or passive player and if you´re interested in level up fast or if you rather take your time…

Useful tips for hostile servers, aggressive players and/or fast reaching level 25:

  1. Prioritize the growth of level of the queen above other things.

  2. Level up the constructions focused to upgrade the level of the queen or the power of pro troop as it´s better to have one strong troop than 4 weak ones, at least at the beginning.

  3. If your thing is to attack other anthills, use the raider class, will allow you to take more resources from your opponent.

  4. A reliable alliance is the main thing, they’ll be there to help you up in fights, sending you resources (herder class) and they’ll do the game more enjoyable, remember: Ohana means family.

  5. You can ignore in the possible level up the piles of resources since you’ll gain more benefit when attacking other rulers.

Useful tips for peaceful servers, chill/passive players and/or no hurries to be in the higher level:

  1. Try to balance all of your constructions with the level of the queen before you go up to the next level, in that way you’ll produce more resources, you will power up slowly but steadily.

  2. If you focus in all your formations to be in a similar range of power it will help to hunt insects and lizards of higher level which increase the rewards, these will help much at the beginning.

  3. An alliance is overriding; they will help you a lot!

  4. You can upgrade the evolutions focused on the production of resources, more resources = more advance.

  5. The classes herder and cultivator are a great option to produce more honeydew or resources, take a look on them and choose what´s best for you, you can change the class every 3 days.

Useful tips for all kind of new or medium level player:

  1. Don’t forget to hunt 20 insects and 10 lizards every day, this gives you the possibility of getting baits for the missions of each week.

  2. Complete the diary tasks will help you to get piles of resources and doesn’t takes much time.

  3. Try to send a troop to the Land of Abundance each day to complete the constructions of the zone of war, this will help you to level up the class of your queen ant, which gives you several advantage.

  4. even if you have hurry to upgrade any construction / evolution / hatch soldier ants, try to wait until any Colony Action match with your task, in this way you take extra rewards.

  5. in evolution there is a section that I considered more important above the others, and it’s Zone Develop, this section allows you to increase the velocity of hatching, capacity of charge, speed of haunting for all your soldier ants, but, though that’s important and beneficial there’s something better and is increase the points earned on the Zone of War, unlock shells from level 4 to 9 and the precious Double Rewards, which duplicates all the prizes from the earned shells.

  6. If there is something that is vital, that’s the Zone of War try to, in the possible, complete the first 3 shells every day, it’ll gives you a lot of rewards, including one of the most precious objects in the game, the Remain of Creatures, these will help so much with the evolutions of medium / high level.

There is a lot of advices besides of those already mentioned, so I’ll be completing this post little by little, feel free to help me out with the information if you want to add something, and use this for your own.


These are great! Thank you MoonClover!

But am I supposed to know already what the Zone Of Abundance is and how to utilize it? My queen is level 16, does it get unlocked later?

And many task/event rewards only give a few creature remains, and the hugher level evolutions cost hundreds or thousands for every evolution level. Is there no f2p way to get enough to support a reasonably regular rate of evolution advancement?

Thanks once again, and p.s.: I love the Lilo and Stitch reference! :blush:

I believe its the Warzone Construction. You can acces it from your class building.

  • You can send one march per day there on your class asignment and level up your class (cultivator, raider or herder)

Thats why you should prioritize Double rewards from Zone Develop Evo. I would even sugest to only concentrate on that evo till you get double rewards.

  • It is an investment but pays off in the long run big time. Especially as a F2P or light spender.
  • Every Shell from Strongest Warzone gives you Creature remains. With this you get double.
  • Try to get as many CR from the end of the week Vip Shop as well. After you get the Exotic Shell (those are more important).

Sadly at the beginning its rough. It gets better along the way.

Ok, thanks a lot! :heart:

I will check that out!