[Record Post] S697 MAG- The Cat Sith - Season Journey Log

Hello Fellow Future Vacationers:

Allow myself to introduce… myself…, I am :skull_and_crossbones: The Cat Sith :skull_and_crossbones: newly located on server 697. Fellow members and I from CAT of 691 have now joined with the wonderful members of MAG on server 697 via the last CSC. They were our allies on our first 2 trips to island luckily, and now will be our alliance mates for this trip. Thankfully, they have allowed me to ditch a position of responsibility for this outing, though they won’t completely allow me to shirk all responsibility and join the R1 Mafia. The dream of rallying geckos while the rest of the alliance rallies gates or Wonders, or of joining important rallies while safely 300ft or more away in the Alliance Block will sadly have to wait for yet another trip….

Like most vacations to the Lost Island, one doesn’t really know how a specific trip will turn out. As the newly merged MAG prepares for our next vacation to island registration ends in 6days and the struggles are real. Fresh off a very contentious trip chock full of towers that wouldn’t die on the last island most everyone is fairly low on resources, especially Honey Dew.

ugly dew

Thankfully I have tagged my hill as a Bio-Hazard to keep the adventurous shoppers from coming to look for the much-needed resources as most of the server is headed back the Island as well.


Fingers are crossed for our next matchup. Will we be paired with another round of super aggressive alliances, whales that essentially hold off whole alliances on their own, or a more laid back and organized vacation this time? We are hoping by changing the theme of our avatars to doughnuts we can convince the other alliances its far better to ally with us then fight with us. Here’s to hoping for the former!


We are honoured to have you join us Sir The Cat Sith, and your fellow members. Thank you for your post :heart:.

As for the r1 mafia rallying geckos during war… whispers I shall be joining.


We are proud to have you cat!

As a powerful demon😈


I am not sure “demon” is the best descriptor, especially after the last trip to island LOL.

Looool you have amazing funny personality , welcome to MAG and wish we have some fun in next island

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Uhm forget About the last island…


promotes Sith to R4


Angry Cat giphy


You really need honeydew :slight_smile: let me help you with some

I have lots of honey too. P.s. Froffles are better.

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pancakes giphy

I got 1.5G you can have some from them:)


Wish you all a happy Journey

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lolol Just as long as you fall just short of jumping into the Volcano for the Dew! Onward towards the Shenanigans!

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Great work :100:

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They haven’t made you r4 yet? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Its not for an lack of active threats on Loo’s part thats for sure!

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