[Record Post] (S547) (UFO) Lost Island (SI.1474)

Hello everyone! I’m Cry1is of SEN, currently reporting from the UFO (Area 51) alliance on 547! This post will include my initial observations, our strategy going into the event, and some of the resources that I have at my disposal!

Initial Observations

As part of our initial analysis, we collected the groundhog scores of all of the enemy alliances!

As you can see, every alliance has one opponent for their clash zone. green/blue and yellow/orange will additionally fight in the neutral areas that were not claimed by any alliance.


SEN has a document that we use for all strategy on the island. It includes specific direction around how we will rally buildings, how we will fight against towers, and how we will figure out our alliance schedule! The one that I will share today is around schedule. I have provided a short snippet of that document below.

At the beginning of every event, we put schedules on the calendar for every hour from Monday-Sunday so that alliance members can RSVP to the times throughout the week that they are available to attend! This makes it very easy to see when people are available.


One of our members has created a website where we can keep track of all towers and buffs, and by using it, we can visualize the map outside of the game!


Hello all! Update on the island of UFO. Here I will share our rally strategy that will enable us to have the highest chance at taking enemy buildings! It also saves us time :slight_smile:

Here’s how it works. Everyone is required to join only one rally leader with all 4 marches. They should not split their units between multiple rallies. This allows us to also use the teleport strategy to cancel the return time.

I feel comfortable sharing this kind of strategy because it is pretty much impossible to implement unless you start the event doing it. It requires a lot of coordination and also that the rally leaders dismiss individuals who do not join the first rally.


Hello all!

It’s time for a strategy update. This time, I’ll show you UFO’s pathing strategy for towers in order to spend the least and travel the farthest distance! This can be used for all future islands where your alliance is yellow :slight_smile:

The goal in the home zone is to get the most influence while spending the least amount of towers. This gave us enough time to save a full day of clay, and make it to the cyan zone wonder in 2 days instead of 3. The path that you see in the clash zone is designed to capture the wonder as soon as it opens, then use the terrain advantage to push purple completely out of the clash zone!

The last image shows the results of this planning. We successfully took purple’s residence and will now be building horizontally to cut them off and prevent them from building further south!