[Record Post] S547 SeN | B:32, LI

Race Of Champions: Lost Island

As we embark on a fresh Race of Champions event, I find myself returning to the captivating landscapes of The Lost Island, offering a slight change of scenery and gameplay compared to our previous Barren Land escapades. However, before delving into the exciting journey ahead, there’s a pivotal development to address:

I’ve transitioned to a new alliance, SeN. Notably, SeN has aligned with the alliance (UFO) Area 51, for this particular Lost Island Event. This collaborative effort is the reason for the “SeN-UFO” conjunction in the title.

In my previous alliance which had a Serios type of gameplay, I held the role of R4, which afforded me easy access to all the strategic plans before their dissemination to the alliance. This close connection made it convenient for me to provide detailed insights into our plans. However, both SeN and UFO employ a markedly different operational style from what I’m accustomed to. Furthermore, I do not hold the position of an R4 in neither alliance, which means my access to vital information is now limited, dependent upon the R4s and R5s members sharing information with the rest of the alliance.

As of the moment, our journey is still in the matchmaking phase, and we have three more days until we transition into the Selection period. In the realm of discussions and preparations for the forthcoming Lost Island event, I must confess that I’ve observed no significant dialogues or strategic planning within the alliance. While I am not privy to the inner workings of the R4 and R5 ranks, it’s notable that, up to this point, I have not witnessed any discussions related to preparations with the alliance.

This initial entry serves as a generic update, given the lack of detailed information and plans available to share at this juncture. I anticipate providing you with a more comprehensive update in the upcoming record post next week. Until then, let’s embark on this journey together, and may it be filled with exciting discoveries and strategic victories.

Thank you for your time,



Greetings, fellow islanders!

Allow me to paint a vivid picture of our current landscape and alliances on this intriguing island. Here’s a rundown of the alliances shaping our dynamic on Lost Island:

  1. (UFO) Area 51 — S 547 — Yellow
  2. (Que) Queen ant — S 425 — Pink
  3. (JP3) JP3 — S 303 — Orange
  4. (SaN) Sanctuary — S 465 — Blue
  5. (UNI) Unity Supreme — S 550 — Green
  6. (ANT) ANimal Team — S48 — Purple

Additionally, Cyan and Brown have emerged as two extra clash zones, reminiscent of the intricate dynamics we experienced in Barren Land.

In terms of strategic clashes:

  • UNI and SaN find themselves engaged in the Turtle Remains Upland (brown zone). However, a twist lies in the uncertainty of whether this clash of these two alliances will happen into the brown zone, considering SaN’s access to the Conch Canyon, where they are set to confront Pink.
  • JP3 and UFO/SEN are poised for battle in the Fishbone Wilderness (Cyan zone).

Our alliance engaged in extensive deliberations to assess the advantages and disadvantages of each territory. After careful consideration, we collectively arrived at the decision that Yellow, Pink, and Blue are the optimal choices for us.

Yellow signifies a 1v1 against ANT, a formidable yet not overly concerning opponent based on our scouting. The vast area in Yellow provides ample space for Soldier Ant Nodes, and the South Clash zone offers the swiftest access to the tree. Our strategic plan involves invading Cyan in three days, where we will test our mettle against JP3. Subsequently, we will prepare for the second clash, where we aim to assess our other opponent, ANT, and concurrently work towards securing one of the Tree gates.

Thank you for your time,



Clash Zones

Greetings, fellow islanders!

Allow me to provide you with an intricate update on the current state of our island and the unfolding dynamics between alliances. Our island, a theater of strategic prowess, is host to the following alliances:

(UFO) Area 51 — S 547 — Yellow


(JP3) JP3 — S 303 — Orange

In the Cyan Clash zone, the saga began as UFO/SeN initiated their invasion precisely at the reset when the clash zone unfurled its challenges on 11/21/2023. With the force of 12 players, we swiftly secured the gate within a mere 13 minutes. Contrastingly, JP3, with a team of 14 to 18 hills, took 19 minutes to claim their tunnel. The Wonder, a coveted prize, fell into our hands uncontested. It seems that JP3 has reluctantly relinquished their ambitions to contest us, given their apparent lack of interest in engaging with our forces.

JP3, appears to have shifted their focus to the clash zone they share with Que. Observations indicate a diversion from their pursuit of the wonder in that clash, leaving us to ponder: Are they risking exclusion from the coveted tree zone?
Both their clash zones look as follows so far:

Meanwhile, in our ongoing clash zone with ANT, strategic moves are afoot, and while I can’t unveil all the details, rest assured that we stand firm in our commitment to confront the challenges head-on. Unlike JP3, we do not shy away from the fray and remain resolute in our pursuit of the Wonders.


Our island, characterized by its competitive spirit, lacks the harmonious agreements witnessed in some other realms. No pacts for sharing or rotating the tree have been forged on this turf. Brace yourselves for clashes on all fronts, from tunnels to wonders, residences to lairs, and the coveted tree, as the competition intensifies.

Stay tuned for more dispatches from the heart of the action as our island narrative continues to unfold.

Thank you for your time,



Clash Zones

Early clash

Greetings everyone,

I’m excited to share the latest developments since my previous update, shedding light on the intriguing clash between our alliances in the adventurously named zones. Brace yourselves for the clash between (ANT) Animal Team, purple, and (JP3) JP3, orange, in the heart of Adventurous Oasis and Fishbone Wilderness respectively.

Now, let me walk you through the riveting saga that unfolded in these clash zones. Our sights were initially set on JP3, as we yearned to test our mettle against their formidable force. However, much to our surprise, they chose to dance around confrontation, keeping us waiting at the wonder. Undeterred, we boldly claimed the wonder and gracefully transitioned into the second clash zone as soon as it unfurled its gates, securing yet another wonder.

In the second clash, we noticed ANT making strategic moves, attempting to impede our progress toward the coveted Lvl. 9 Gates. Recognizing the need to maintain our stronghold, we formulated a decisive plan. It became apparent that merely holding our ground was not enough; we needed to remove ANT entirely from the clash zone, cutting off their access to the tree zone.

Picture this: a tactical dance on the virtual battlefield. We orchestrated our moves meticulously, outmaneuvering ANT’s attempts to block us from the gates. With precision and finesse, we executed our plan to perfection, leaving ANT with no choice but to retreat. The clash zone now stands as a testament to our dominance.

In an extensive and meticulous analysis spanning several days, our dedicated team closely observed the strategic maneuvers of both factions, JP3 and ANT. The focus was on the intricate dynamics of territorial claims, organizational structures, and the sheer strength in numbers each alliance possessed. The objective was crystal clear, to glean valuable insights that could be leveraged when the inevitable clash ensued.

As the proverbial chess pieces were positioned on the vast gaming board, it became evident that ANT’s organizational framework left much to be desired compared to the robust and well-coordinated structure of our own alliance. The meticulous observation of their movements and decision-making processes proved instrumental in preparing our forces for the impending confrontation.

When the battle lines were drawn and the time for engagement arrived, our alliance executed a masterful strategy that led to a decisive victory with minimal casualties. The systematic recapture of each building within their claimed territory showcased not only our military prowess but also the strategic finesse employed by our leadership.

With unwavering determination, we progressed methodically toward the gates, overcoming obstacles with ease. The stark contrast in organizational capabilities between the two factions became increasingly apparent as our forces advanced seamlessly, reasserting our dominance over the contested territory.

A pivotal moment in the conflict unfolded when ANT, faced with the imminent loss of a crucial tower, opted for a surprising tactical retreat. Rather than allowing our forces to claim the tower, they made the strategic decision to delete it themselves, an act that spoke volumes about the desperation and inevitability of their defeat.
In the aftermath of this decisive clash, our alliance stood victorious, having not only reclaimed all the contested buildings but also showcased our strategic acumen and better organizational prowess…

Upon witnessing our relentless advancement, as we systematically conquered every building and razed each tower that stood in our path, our adversaries, recognizing the urgency of their predicament, sought refuge in a strategic alliance with JP3. A calculated move on their part, with the hope that this collaboration would tip the scales in their favor.

However, keenly attuned to the evolving dynamics of the battlefield, we discerned the subtle signs of this unholy alliance at its nascent stage. Our astute observations enabled us to anticipate their next move, particularly the intricate tower transference that the enemy factions hoped would secure their survival.

Armed with this prescient knowledge, our forces mobilized swiftly and decisively. Recognizing the pivotal importance of the impending tower transfer, we devised a bold strategy that involved seizing control of the gateway to their domain. This calculated move was a proactive measure to destroy their plans and destroy the tower before it could be transferred to JP3, nullifying any potential advantage they might have gained from their newfound pact.

The execution of our plan unfolded seamlessly. In an exhilarating clash of strategies, our forces not only breached the gate but also managed to obliterate the targeted tower despite the additional layer of resilience provided by the home buff.

After decisively thwarting the attempted collaboration between ANTs and JP3, a brief lull settled over the virtual battleground. However, tranquility was fleeting, as a new development unfolded before our watchful eyes. The astute members of our alliance detected JP3’s ambitious construction efforts converging toward our Clash Wonder.

In a calculated move that showcased our strategic finesse, we opted to adopt a seemingly laissez-faire approach. Offering minimal defense, only a singular tower as a feeble barrier between JP3 and the coveted Wonder. This decision was made despite the presence of two formidable players within JP3, confident that our strategic prowess could outmaneuver their strengths.

While a faction of our forces engaged JP3, stalling their progress by preventing the completion of a critical tower that would connect with our meager defense structure, another segment of our alliance, ever vigilant, noticed ANT’s opportunistic advance. ANT, under the assumption that we were preoccupied solely with JP3, launched an attack on the gate we had secured, aiming to reenter the Clash zone.

Swiftly adapting to the evolving battlefield dynamics, we dispatched a contingent of three valiant warriors to protect the gate from ANT’s encroachment. This strategic split of our forces highlighted our ability to multitask and respond dynamically to threats, a hallmark of our alliance’s tactical acumen.

Acknowledging JP3’s resilience, particularly buoyed by their two standout players, we found ourselves engaged in a protracted three-hour battle. The prowess of those two players became evident as they valiantly carried JP3’s defense. Yet, with the resolve characteristic of our alliance, we reached a point where we deemed the skirmish had endured long enough, concluding the conflict by dismantling the tower.

In the aftermath, ANT, despite the opportunity presented, failed to reclaim the gate, leaving it unclaimed to this day. Undeterred, they have since erected towers from their territory towards our gates, but our confidence remains unshaken. Recognizing their struggles to defend against us within their own territory, we remain resolute in our commitment to keeping them at bay, firmly outside the Clash zone and at a considerable distance from the sacred tree. In this ever-evolving saga of virtual conquest, our alliance’s strategic brilliance and adaptability continue to be the driving force, ensuring that our rivals are not only defeated but strategically outmaneuvered at every turn.


Final Battles

In the intervening period since our last update, significant events have unfolded, placing me in a rather uneasy position. As the Lost Island draws to a close, numerous reports, supported by video evidence, have been submitted to the higher echelons. In the interest of maintaining objectivity and allowing the competent staff team to conduct their investigations, I’ll refrain from delving into specific details. Let’s entrust the resolution of these matters to the proper channels while we focus on navigating the current landscape.

(Que) Queen Ant in S 425 (Pink) currently comprises around 12 to 15 active members with an additional 30+ farm accounts. Their activity remained relatively inconspicuous on the Island until a strategic move, attempting to turn our sole allies, (UNI) Unity Supreme in S 550 (Green), against us. To some extent, this maneuver met with success. Originally, there was an agreement for Uni and UFO/SaN (us) to be the sole two alliances contending at the tree, with mutual assistance pledged if needed at the outset. However, Queen Ant’s actions have complicated the dynamics of this arrangement.

Everything was going smoothly as we successfully confronted both (JP3) JP3 S303 (Orange) and (ANT) ANimal Team S48 (Purple), securing victories against both. Additionally, UNI seemed to be holding their own against (SaN) Sanctuary S 465 (Blue). However, the situation took a turn when (Que) Queen Ant S 425 (Pink) entered the Tree zone. Initially, we paid little attention to them, focusing on our own strategies. Yet, Que unexpectedly directed their efforts toward us, leading to an unavoidable clash. Unfortunately, we came out on the losing side due to a numerical disadvantage, depleting our stamina and fungi reserves in the process. Notably, Que maintained an average of 25-30 hills per battle, a significant advantage over our forces.

Que took advantage of our weakened state, striking while we were low on stamina and healing fungi, successfully pushing us out of the Tree zone over the course of several days. Seeking support from our allies, we were met with promises that eventually turned into a surprising agreement between them and Que. Instead of coming to our aid, they decided to form a new alliance, leaving us to defend our clash zone against Que, JP3, and ANT simultaneously. This left us at a severe disadvantage, as we struggled to defend with limited healing fungi and being outnumbered by Que. Despite being attacked by multiple alliances, our allies chose to prioritize their level 9 wonder over assisting us. Later, we learned that Que had threatened them with attacks if they intervened on our behalf in the Tree zone.

In a nutshell, we faced the daunting task of battling three alliances solo and remarkably held our ground for a significant duration. During our struggle, we debated whether to cut our losses and initiate a vote to exit the island or persist in the face of overwhelming odds. However, a potential breakthrough emerged when our leader and a fellow observer proposed a deal that could benefit our allies UNI and SaN, though our primary objective was to dislodge Que and, if possible, regain our level 9 wonder. The catch was that UNI and SaN were in conflict. To navigate this, we positioned ourselves as a buffer between them, acting as a shield for both sides. Although SaN swiftly agreed, UNI hesitated. Pressed to concede, they eventually relented, albeit with some discontent about the challenging position we put them in—ironically mirroring their previous actions against us. Despite their initial reservations, all three alliances advanced towards the tree. Seizing the opportunity, Que exploited the situation to capture our level 9 wonder with the assistance of JP3 and ANT.

In the aftermath, UNI made a final attempt to aid us in reclaiming our wonder but faced defeat, resulting in their complete removal from the clash zone. Despite this setback, we assured them it was acceptable and redirected our focus to securing the tree while grappling with the wonder independently. UNI and SaN’s combined efforts proved ineffective against Que’s onslaught, with Que fielding a substantial number of accounts, estimated between 30 to 40. While some attacks lacked organization, a significant portion occurred simultaneously, posing a challenge to our defense. Que exhibited a seemingly unlimited supply of stamina and healing fungi, engaging in relentless combat for hours.

Their sustained activity, particularly a non-stop fight from 17:34 UTC, posed a considerable obstacle. Our efforts were further hindered by the need to shift between trying to reclaim the wonder, and assisting our allies, pursuing the tree, causing delays in our conquest of the level 9 wonder. Unfortunately, Que successfully held the tree, and our alliance, along with UNI and SaN, struggled to keep pace due to resource constraints.

It’s noteworthy that some found Que’s military maneuvers suspicious, not only in terms of march behavior but also the sudden surge in kills on numerous accounts on the last day, raising questions about many things.

Nevertheless, congratulations are extended to all the alliances involved, making the overall island experience enjoyable despite a few challenging events.

Thank you for your time,