[Record Post] S470 - Verstehen - Cry1is(Season1)

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Observer Entries Table of Contents:

  1. 05/16/22 - Dynamic Blocking
  2. 05/19/22 - On the Necessity of Allies
  3. 05/20/22 - Map Update
  4. 05/21/22 - Rally Strategy for Residences
  5. 05/23/22 - War Has Broken Out
  6. 05/24/22 - The Teleportation Strategy
  7. 05/25/22 - The Importance of Residences
  8. 05/27/22 - Factions Emerge
  9. 05/28/22 - Map Update, Clash Zone Strategy
  10. 05/29/22 - Conquering the Clash Wonder
  11. 05/31/22 - Successfully Fighting 1v4

05/16/22 - Dynamic Blocking

On our island, we recently made a peace treaty with the brown alliance, BoM, who allowed us to cross over to Col’s territory. I’ve doubled up the towers in order to make it twice as difficult for Col to get a foothold, so even though they were able to take back the tunnel while we slept, I was able to defend our dual towers on my own! This is an alternative to the tunnel locking strategy shared in one of the ants twitch livestreams when you are attempting to blockade a tunnel that is not in your home area. There is of course still a way to use the same strategy mentioned earlier, but in this case, we are planning on invading Col, so this more dynamic strategy is necessary.


05/20/22 - Map Update

map update: PHO has the stronger players, but they’ve been gradually pushed out of their clash zone due to the sheer number of DnD players! GDM is still uncontested, as is my alliance VER. Since DAS was unable to take their tunnel, they are currently expanding into Col’s territory.

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05/19/22 - On the Necessity of Allies

In our group, only my alliance, PHO, DnD, and GDM were able to solo down the lvl 7 tunnels and enter the clash area. Because a residence is required in order to enter the neutral area around a fortress, and because we are mainly newer zones, it becomes a necessity to work with other alliances in order to conquer larger buildings, like the lvl 9 wonder, and even the level 8 residences.

As a result, I am working with the two alliances adjacent to our clash zone (of which neither can defeat the level 7 tunnel) into a deal where we get them in, but in return they help us to take the wonder in the clash area.

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It’s nice to see teamwork working :slight_smile:

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Good Job :+1:
Good Job :+1:

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05/21/22 - Rally Strategy for Residences

Today we took out a lvl 7 residence from outside of the neutral area in 45 minutes! It won’t be long before we can start taking wonders and lvl 8 residences :slight_smile:

That being said, we are finally expanding throughout our clash area, albeit a little behind the other two large alliances: DnD and GDM, both of which have over 200k influence.

To do this, we had 7 simultaneous rallies, that were timed off of the first rally, so 35 units hit at pretty much the same time, and we killed off a quarter of the troops before the timer started.

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05/23/22 - War Has Broken Out

PHO(yellow) and DnD(cyan), the two primarily russian-speaking alliances, are at war today. PHO went for their wonder, and DnD took the chance to try and take their tunnel to the clash area back, but PHO is defending!

On another note, BoM(brown) who is connected to our clash area just made it in. They will make the lvl 9 tunnel much easier :slight_smile:

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05/24/22 - The Teleportation Strategy

VER just took its level 8 wonder in 30 minutes, with only 17 people, and only 2 big hitters (i.e. people with 9* insects. I have rove, and my fellow big hitter has an atlas). How did we do this? It comes with the new change to teleports. This strategy is only possible in the initial zone where teleports are free. This means that in any other zones, the difficulty is the same as it has always been.

Basically how it works, is you use the free teleports to get rid of the return time, and thereby double the number of attacks you can do :slight_smile:

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05/25/22 - The Importance of Residences

After some initially clean fighting (and some dirty tactics from blue once they realized we were going to end up succeeding in taking the residence) we successfully captured a lvl 7 residence in Col’s territory! Residences are by far the most important buildings to capture in enemy territory, because once you take them, you can set up a temporary base of operations from which you can continue expanding, regardless of whether or not they destroy your surrounding towers.

05-27-22 Factions Emerge

The factions are starting to make themselves clear as the map progresses. On our side is BoM, PHO, and my alliance (VER), and on the other side is Das, GDM, and Col! Col called for help after we took one of their lvl 7 residences :slight_smile:

05-28-22 Map Update, Clash Zone Strategy

Map update: We’ve talked to GDM and now there are 5 different alliances in the same clash zone, but none of us are fighting :slight_smile: Since we are a later group, it becomes absolutely necessary to work together in order to conquer the lvl 9 tunnels, especially since they are so difficult.

05-29-22 Conquering the Clash Wonder

Our alliance just took the clash wonder with 20 minutes to spare! We are the second alliance to take a clash wonder, after Cyan(DnD).

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05-31-22 - Successfully Fighting 1v4

Today we held our tunnel against FOUR separate alliances (brown, blue, orange, cyan), and still made it into the tree zone! The dedication of the people in my alliance is absolutely insane. Kudos for this victory goes to them. Orange(GDM) tried their best to displace us, but we will not be locked out.