[Record Post] S448 Chi, Sizz, Secret (Barren Land)

The matchmaking Process was delayed for us. Only after 1 hour we got the matchmaking results whereas our friends from other alliance got their result first.

Matchmaking and selection process


To Barren Land with Chi (secret)

Me and some of my friends decided to venture out to the new Barren Land together with Chi Alliance. My koreans friends JKS, Vante and Herry have met Chi Alliance in their previous lost island. They have fought each other for 2 days and 2 nights and they became friends after.
Chi is a Taiwanese Alliance that consist of 77 members in Server 448.



There are some new features in Barren Land. Firstly we need to vote for Camp Leader. We voted for LIM Alliance to be our Camp leader this time round. Secondly the camp leader needs to set Protection Time.

Camp Red ( our camp ) set 16 UTC to 2400 as our protection time and Our opponents set 0000 UTC to 0800 UTC. We cannot invade each other or build towers or structures during the protection time. That leaves to we are only able to fight each other from 0800 utc until 1600 UTC. The protection time sticks with you throughout the island and you cannot change it. So pick wisely.


Day 1 to Day 8 at the Barren Land was pretty chill. Every alliances planning the best route to capture as many buildings at their home base as much as they can. However there was a speculation on the tunnels. Are they going to be shared among the allies or each alliances need to take their own tunnel. We got an information from a Chinese fairy that once an ally captured the tunnel it will turn into the colour of the camp and all other allies can share the tunnel building towers from there. So we did not build extra route down south thinking that we can just teleport there and build towers once it open.


However we got different answer from Korean fairy. We asked again a day before the tunnel is open.

We were wondering why different fairies gives us different answer so we ask Chinese fairy again.

The answer doesn´t sound too good because apparently we cannot share. So we can´t help each other north and south that easily.


Some of our players are worried about the Alliance Buffs and also the personal rewards at the end. How it affects us if we let our allies takes more buildings from us.

At first we thought All buildings buffs are shared equally because of the TOTAL CAMP BUFFS

Later we found out that the camp buff is lesser than expected. 1/3 ant production and 2/3 stat boost. So it is not the same with all alliances.



On the other hand Wonder points are shared.

Camp First Occupation of Wonder

Destroy Wonders

Occupy wonders that are not destroyed by the settlement


A lot of players were also worried about the destruction of wonder. They were thinking what if the opponents race their way to the wonder first and destroy it straight away when the tunnel bonus goes off?

Thankfully the wonder bonus only goes off after 4 days the tunnel bonus goes off.

By clicking on the milestone page, we also found out that the wonder destruction function will only unlock later on from the milestones. Approximately at stage 2 after 16 days. So we are not so worried about it. Only R5 able to destroy it, We were also wondering how long will it takes to be destroyed. Is it the same as destroying towers? Well we can only find out later on.

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Day 9
The tunnels unlock. Our red camp was able to capture the tunnel straight away however our opponent Blue Camp can only look at us because their Protection Time was on from 0000UTC to 0800UTC. During that time we were thinking how nice we were able to control the clash zone first. We were happily building towers after towers capturing 2 residences until our 0800 UTC. Our Opponents Protection Time turns off.


At about 1030 UTC we had our clash with our enemies. We are unable to defend as our major problem is not everyone in our alliance can come online at the same time. We had players from US who are sleeping, from Asia mostly are still busy working, Our top Guns 2 working and 1 sleeping. We had more than 20 players entering rally. We can only slow them down while waiting for more players to come online while our opponents they have more actives and all 3 of their top guns came at us together. We ended up losing a tower and a Residence level 8 after long hours of battle. Most of our players finish using their stamina and funghi. Another thing that is new on the Barren land is 20 players able to get in the tower to construct and each player can send up to 2 troops. For buildings up to 100 players can reinforce the buildings and each player can send 2 troops as well.


Thank you, reading your experience in the new event Barren Land really helps us understand what is to come and expect when our alliance signs up. Best of luck!


Thank you for your comments. I am glad it helps players a little. If you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out. Good Luck. :slight_smile:



Many people were asking about the rewards and how many times can we earn the rewards?
The answer is you will earn 3 times of rewards each at the end of every stage depending on winning camp or losing camp and your champion point Ranking (Personal killing on rulers in towers and buildings, Killing anthills not counted)

Each stages rewards you with season Eggs, mutation cells, genes, etc , insect eggs and chat frame depending on your personal ranking of championship points and win or lose camp. Winning Camp gets better rewards.




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Winning camp get better rewards- Dominated Season Eggs when you win and Explored Season Egg when you lose. Both season eggs guarantees a Barren Land Ant the first 5 hatch. So what is the difference between both eggs???


Dominated Season Hatch

Explored Season Hatch

Spot the difference???

3 Barren Land Ants are missing in Explored Season Hatch Pool !!!

You won´t have the chance to get this 3 OP ants if you lose the competition at the end :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

Strumigenys Eggersi (Carrier)

Weaver Ant ( Shooter )

Hairy Panther (Guardian)

PS: There are no winning and losing in stages. They only record championship point ranking

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Our Barren Land emerged as the most competitive group. All 6 alliances are from our Barren Land Map.
Everyday we are fighting :stuck_out_tongue:


A lot of players are confuse about Champion Ranking Rewards.

The way they described is confusing.

Do they mean win or lose at the end of every stage or at the end of the competition?

The answer is there is no win or lose per stage.
At the end of the competition after 3 stages players in winning camp get the winning rewards according to their rank in stage 1 to 3 and losing camp gets the losing rewards according to their rank in stage 1 2 3.

For example
(FG is my teamate)

For example:

I am in Red Camp
(championship rank)
Stage 1 -Rank 1
Stage 2 -Rank 1
Stage 3 - Rank 1

(Wonder Points)
Stage 1 - red camp lose wonder points.
Stage 2 - red camp wins wonder points

Stage 3 - Red camp win the total wonder points.

how many Dominated eggs will I get in the end?

A. 4 season Eggs + 7 dominated eggs + 10 dominated eggs

B. 24 Dominated Eggs

Answer is B


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Total Wonder Points

It is the beginning of Stage 3
Red camp has pushes Blue Camp out from the three zone.
We have counted the wonder points. If we are able to defend the tree zone until the end, We will win.

Even if we lose the 2 wonders that our enemies are near to it.

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Today we start to dismantle the towers of our enemies. Looks like our enemies have surrendered. They were not fighting back and started to capture buildings instead.