[Record Post] S430, BHO, Shepard, Step into Barren Lands

It’s been 4 days now. Folks are trying to adapt to the new game style.

Most were excited at the beginning,still are.
But for alliances’ managements…it has it’s ups and downs.
Nice for a change to not to deal with the diplomatic relations,betrayels and such. Teams are fixed,you have a common goal.

But the protection time…can be frustrating.
If you have players from different parts of the world,its actually manageable but if you dont…
Lets say you have created an all french alliance,you wont be able to do anything for 8 hours,then you are going to sleep,there goes another 8,work,family,if you have them,Barren Lands can end for you without even able to build one tower.
This also depends on (and affects) your team-member alliances.

For instance,our team-members (both other two alliances) are all russians. Understandably, they are picking a time for protection that is more suitable for them. And this puts you into a difficult spot.
People liked the map’s “coloring” part. It is a nice touch actually. When you have controlled a zone completely,it’s changing color. Gives you a feeling of accomplishment.

Shepard (19357583),S430,BHO


Are you aware that you can enhance Troop Tunnel now.
Many finding this out after a week in or more.

A nice addition to strengthen your units’ figting capabilities. Of course,you need a special item for it,called Hardened Enhancement Resin

Check out the Benefits section for more

Also, people are confused about how to gain points.
So here are the basics,

You need kills, you need to capture residences, and you need to secure wonders. If the enemy destroys the wonder in an area after they captured it, you will not be able to gain points in that area.

Any fighting done and lair,residences captured in that area will just buff you and your alliance up.
As long as the the wonder is intact, you will continue to gain points by engaging the enemy.


Well things are not going so good. You guessed it, due to protection.
Enemy is advancing while we are sleeping, we are advancing while enemy is advancing. Thanks to our luck, our team mates are also sleeping while we are sleeping.

“Caesar’s right to Caesar” they are doing a good job. While are getting caged into our own zone slowly, they are securing the tree zone.

Some people are happy about the protection time, and some are not. But overally, people did like the new map

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I have recently completed season development plan. It was actually easier than expected.
Key is to upgrading your soldier ant colonies.

Final reward is abit disappointing though. It would have been better if it was a “selective” egg.

And here is the moment of truth;


My main is guardian

And we are back to our good old original map.

Overally Barren is better. Less drama, more head on approach.
Only down sides are the protection time and drop rates.
Too many ants but too little chances to get what you need.
Well,lets wait for the next journey and see whatever awaits us.

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Next Barren is almost upon us.

Expectations and morals are low though.
People are praying for better matchmaking.
So they can actually play this time.
Well,fingers crossed.


This is the first entry for the second Barren adventure

Matchmaking striked again.

Let me refresh your memory. We are a multinational alliance. We have members from africa,states,spain… but mostly an european/us alliance simply put.

And now we are up against yet another far-east alliances. So it is basically over for us from the start.again.

Morals are low, leader disappared on us, officers does not want to play. They do not see the point. I am now alliance leader.

We will see what will happen next.


I hope you prove to be a great leader and get morale up!

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Things are not going so bad.

Officers still do not care about the barren but people’s hopes are a tad up now.

2 days left for the gates to be opened,we will find out if we will be able to fight or not this time

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I want to get your attention to something else this time.
It is about a research branch.

Zone Fight

I am playing this game from the beginning. I have never cared about this research branch.
I do not know about you,nor can not speak on your behalf. But, the most logically option for me was to use all those creature remains,which needed to complete this brach,on unlocking t10s
Most people completed this branch,in the sake of getting more room for rallies,or because they were (or still are) too competitive.

So how about releasing an update and tweaking it for island/barren.
We are not doing warzone anymore. Or keep the warzone as well and make it island/barren/warzone advantage reasearch, covering it all.
Just a thought.

And about our barren adventure,
Level 6 gates are open, we are making some progress,but the enemy has the time advantage on their side,so mostly we are watching it from our screens live.



Not applicable. Must upgrade for island

Things are going…interesting

All the alliances converged in the same zone. We are going to see a lot of action this week apparently.
I don’t think it will be a long nor fair one due to our active times, but it will be something nonetheless.

I have also noticed that, more and more people started using macros. Which means they are on pc and there are not many options to choose from when it comes to emulators and which also comes with a problem, account binding.


Two enemy alliances decided to quit while we were all fighting in tree zone. Looked like an internal fight broke out. They are saying that it is due their ally not helping them. We are trying to learn more but also people are happy about it for now.

And about the new updates, i am receiving reports mostly about the “Quick Raid” option. Here is an example;

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People really liked this soldier healing shortcut.
It does indeed speed things up.


I have decided to take my alliance to #lost-island this time.
Half of the alliance has quit game. We will focus on the rest’s improvement. I will also try to recruit more but most of the migraters are rogues. They usually join your alliance with their small group of friends then starting to cause problems during the match,leaves after the #barren-lands or #lost-island and raid people before they migrate to another server.

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We are getting ready to join Lost Island.

We will try to relax,replenish and hopefully get stronger out of this


We made it to the Lost Island.

Looks like matchmaking system works better on Island. Or maybe Lost Island has more joiners.

Either way,let’s see how things will play out.

It takes a bit of time to getting use to the mechanics of Island after doing so many Barren but here we are.
People seems to be adjusting fast and looks happy.

Ofcourse there are complaints.

Clay income is still based on people’s completing daily tasks
Fixing the clay income based on time just as in Barren might the better idea.

Not being able to send more troops to the towers were a shock after doing Barren.
Maybe increasing the count a tower can hold to 20 might be a good idea on Island.

Stamina cost of “mudskippers” is another one.
Yes it has been reduced to 10 now,but people consider it high still.

And excluding the Island,
People are asking for more Soapberry Insect

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We are two weeks in and all starting zones looks like this.
People are still having hard time adapting to Island after playing Barren. Especially on clay front.


Many people wants the barren mechanics on island.
Abandoning the lairs/residences,hourly clay income,fitting more people into towers…
It is actually not a bad idea. Barren for team ups and the island the everyone for themselves.
Map must change though.
From the beginning,everyone disliking the map. It is buggy,and unfair.

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