[Record Post] S-410 WFN, Sizz, We Flex Nutz!(Season1)

Observer’s Information

In-Game Name: SizzlingGal

Alliance: We Flex Nutz (WFN)

Personal Observer Goal: Our goal is to conquer the tree of abundance at lost island.
Our slogan is : We Flex Nutz!

Observer’s Journal - Table of Contents

  1. 01/05/22 - Group Information

Group Information

Name Abbr Server Leader Members Power
We Flex Nutz WFN 410 TenvesTheTyrant 99 3,467,564,130
STRONGS SRS 449 Wolverine 98 2,358,030,021
Almost all A AAA 343 Yuzu♡ 100 2,789,548,145
RED alliance RED 298 ༒•LA BALA•༒ 100 3,482,757,142
ERA HOT 428 MadMax 95 2,650,793,261
WE GO TOGETHER WGT 305 미소 ๑•‿•๑ 100 3,483,823,157
HochburgDerAmeisen Hoc 324 Scorpien 100 2,971,107,738
Academy TH Aca 353 Thunder 99 2,871,896,880

Hello I’m Sizz from 410. My alliance is WFN. We have 99 members on our alliance. Our goal is to conquer the tree of abundance at lost island. Our slogan is : We Flex Nutz!

During the selective process we have picked Coral Island due to the map has a lot of good structures ( 19 Lairs , 8 Residences) and also the map has access to wonder. We also do not want to be in a too aggressive map thus Coral island is a good choice for us. (edited)

We were paired with another 7 alliances who has about the same Alliance power as us. We have a good mix of international alliances consist of 2 russian speaking alliance, thai, Japanese, Korean and German alliance. They look kinda strong. We stayed low profile as we analyse our enemies. So far we have not form any alliances or truce with other alliance.

Lost Island
Day 1 We have a Team Leader (XOmarXPro) who is the mastermind of Lost Island Event. He is a very strategic person and has good leadership skills. We also appointed trustworthy R4 and R3 to give instructions , help in building towers and spending our limited clays carefully.

Our main Tasks on the first day are:

  1. Occupy 20/20 resource tiles immediately so they begin producing season troops. The recommended tiles are T9s level 4 tiles, T8s level 3 tiles. No level 5+ Tiles as your soldiers will get injured severely. Sand produce shooters, Wet soil produce guardians, Plant produce Carriers, Meat and Diamond produce random ants.

  2. To complete 180 activity points from daily salary tasks to get 550 Clays per day.

  3. R4+ will be placing towers and all will need to help in building them.

  4. The strongest will rally to defeat the troops in buildings (Lairs, residences, ferry). Once the troops inside are down to 0 everyone else will be needed to destroy the durability of the building. We find that at these durability phase solo attacking is faster.

  5. Use stamina efficiently after taking nodes and fortresses for the day, continue working on daily tasks like hunting 20 insects/day lizards/day and enhancing your barracks/nests when possible.

The first day in the lost island was quite challenging as we are also concentrating on our SVS as well. It was Building day and also we have to pre-gather on this day. To maximise the point we can get on Building day we try to enhance as much building as possible.

We encourage our team members to use Lost island fruits to buy resins in the season store so that we can enhance our buildings during the right CA times. It will increase your Honor and the number of nodes that you can have. These will make you grow faster in general as more nodes = more season soldier troops. (edited)


Day 2
After claiming 180 000 SX ants (you can pick either shooter, carrier or guardian depending on your main) , we tried to capture level 5 nodes with them.

We divide 90k of SX ants into 2 of our troops in order to capture level 5 nodes. However we need teleport very near to the tiles in order to successfully capture it.

DAY 3 We successfully captured our wonder on the third day. We are the first alliance in our map to do it just after reset. We advice everyone to activate attack buff and to fill their 360k SX soldier ants into their PRO unit. We manage to take it down within 1 hour on our first try. (edited)

Day 4 we tried to maintain our alliance influence at rank 1 by doing 2 hits a day. A few lairs just after reset and a few ferries at 1330 UTC.

Day 5 we have so far build 105 Alliance buildings. We have also obtained 1 wonder , 14 Lairs, 5 Residences and 6 Ferries.

Uploading: 14.jpg…

Our leader will set the coordinates with warning signs so it is easier for r3 and r4 to build at the exact spot throughout the day.

Today Level 35 Geckos appear in our island. The rewards are awesome 600 Resins for the first defeat and the other 9 gives 320 Resins. Rally the gecko with your alliance members and use at least T9 enhance troops or SX troops for lesser casualties.

Day 6 We took down 2 Level 7 Residences today. We slowed down on taking more fortreses because we think that defeating geckos for 3480 resins are a higher priority than taking lairs fast.

More resins —> More building enhancement —> more honours —> more nodes —> more season soldier troops.

Attacking Wild Creatures , Hornets , Geckos and Rss Nodes are easier if they are Inside your Alliance Territory (inside the yellow Box). Your troops don’t get bonus damage no matter how far away you are from the creatures and nodes.

Day 7
one of our enemy STRONGS (purple) attempted to invade us through our north tunnel but failed There is still Buff on for another 1.5 days.

Today we took down 2 level 5 lairs, 1 Level 4 Lair and 6 Ferries. We are also prepared for any incoming attack from our north tunnel and 3 of our east tunnels.

My main soldier ants are Carriers, and now the amount of SXI has already reached 190,258. However they are still lock. I hope they are strong and does not need too much of RSS for healing.

So it’s less than 2 hours before the tunnels are open. Both our enemies at the top (Purple SRS) and bottom (Teal HOC) have built multiple towers at the tunnels. Are they afraid of us and tryna defend ? HOC has used up 30000 of their clay to build 15 towers

When taking buildings: tunnels,lairs, and residence only the last hit matters so it is possible to steal from other alliances the building that they have been hitting from the start. During the tunnel phase we believe its our best strategy to let the other alliances waste thier stamina resources and ants. Let them clear the season ants stationed in tunnels when rallying. We will hold back until they bring the durability down then only we try to steal that last hit and take them for ourselves. That way we will save us staminas, resources, and ants but make them waste theirs. XOm4rXpro (Lost Island Leader) & TenvesTheTyrant ( WFN R5)


Purple SRS started to hit on our tunnel just after reset. Most of us are still doing pre gathering. So we let them hit on the tunnel first and we use the Last Hit on Tunnel strategy to steal the tunnel when the durability is low. We waited till it is down to 35% then all of us start to hit on that tunnel. We successfully stole that tunnel for us. However SRS went to the other tunnel and took that down. Unfortunately we have not finish building the path towards that tunnel. As they were hitting that tunnel we continue to build towers towards it. They manage to took down the tunnel and started to attack us. We hold out until our tower is build and we defend at the gate. After about an hour they surrendered and their diplomat DM us to ask for NAP. We requested them to dismantle all their towers near our borders or no deal.

I think we are too kind. We never started any attack on our enemies but they came for us. HoC took down one of the tunnel and started to invade when most of our members are sleeping and at work about 19UTC. There were only 6 of us online but we manage to hold out. 6 vs 24 of them. Lots of Healing and RSS loss but we manage to hold the door. We won’t be accepting nap with them and we advice them to run because after this reset we are definitely going for them.


Day 10 Revenge Time

Today after reset we took back the tunnel that HOC captured at our border. It’s pay back time. After we took that tunnel we invaded their land and build our towers in their territory towards their wonder. At 15 UTC we decided to take down their wonder and we successfully captured it within 45 min. After that we went on to take their Level 7 Residence as well.partying_fa⁰


@SiZz Yaaaaas!!! Go WFN!!!

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Day 11 Ran out of Rss and what I did.

Rss are precious in the lost island. Enhancing buildings need lotsa rss, doing svs building day, evolution, hatch soldiers, fighting and healing needs lots of resources. Today I ran out of sand and almost out of honeydew. Without sand and honeydew I could not enhance my building and I could not heal my T10 and T11 soldier ants.

What I did to keep on surviving?

  1. Kill Hornets and exchange all hornets packs for sand. Kill 20 wilds and open insect remain packs.

  2. Upgrade Developer Ants -
    a. yellow spider to produce my sand
    b. Crimson Healer to save cost on healing especially honeydew
    c. Urchin ant (carrier main) to save speedups
    d. Giant Destructor to produce more honeydew

  3. During soldier hatching days even though I am Carrier main I hatch guardians instead because guardians do not require sand…

  4. Not using my enhance soldiers to save up my honeydew

  5. I let my non enhance soldier ants die because I still can get them back after lost island event end

  6. Only do up till 9th chest for svs and not more.

  7. Emergency RSS - exchange for sand in store instead of cells.

  8. Gather when I have excess stamina

  9. Strengthening special ants day- do as much CA as possible. It’s free RSS day.

  10. Participate in Duel of queens for duel of queens and glory packs.

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Day 12 Two Alliances are dead in our map.

We have invaded almost half of teal map (HOC). Taking over their wonder, lairs , residences destroying their towers. I think they gave up. The leader hasn’t log into the game for 2 days now.

Gold ( Aca Academy TH) is also dead purple (SRS) and Brown

( HOT) both Russian alliances has invaded Gold. They have literally no building left.

It is a pity they need to still stay in the island for more than 30 days and they can’t do anything more. It will be nice for them to have the button to gi back to the normal map instead of staying here and demotivated and eventually quitting the game.

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A message from HOC “Make Art Not War”

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May 19 2022

The stationed troops difficulty of the tunnel lv.7 has been reduced today. heart_eyes partying_face 6 Alliances are ready to do a sprint into the clash of land. Who will conquer the land of clash wonder?

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Top (Fruit wonderland)
SRS Alliance - Purple
HOT Alliance - Brown
RED Alliance - BLUE

SRS was fighting HOT at the tunnel and also fighting RED at the wonder at the same time. Unfortunately SRS lost to both sides and highly likely very very weak now with nothing to defend.
RED had taken down the the fruit kingdom wonder.

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Previously RED also let AAA have the Twin Conchs Wonder without any fight.

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Bottom Left ( Adventures Oasis)

Alliance WFN - Yellow

WFN conquers the land of Adventures Oasis without any interference. They took down the Shark Remains Pool. The coolest Wonder on the map shark

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A Coalliation between AAA, WGT and RED to be NAP in lost island. Does it mean all 3 alliance will go against WFN in the end? There were no fights between them. They are sharing the lands without any fights so far.

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Update Alliance Influence Ranking

  1. WFN - 386000
  2. AAA - 339000
  3. SRS - 314000
  4. HOT - 289000
  5. RED - 252000
  6. WGT- 191000
  7. HOC - 18000
  8. ACA - Dead

May 20 2021


May 21 2022
WFN Territory ( Yellow)
We Flex !


May 21 2022
Update : Enemy Turn Allies & Allies Turn Enemy

SRS purple reach out to us for help to fight against HOT and RED. In the meantime Orange ( WGT) also ask for help to defeat PINK (AAA) . Since yesterday Pink has invaded orange map and they are going for their wonder. We decided to ally with Orange to fight with Pink just cause Pink (AAA) is our biggest threat when we meet them at the tree of abundance. If Pink (AAA) takes Orange (WGT’s) wonder we will be in disadvantage. So we went through Orange Tunnel and make a path towards the clash land and going for Pink’s wonder in the clash land. STAY TUNED…


Today we invaded our biggest enemy (AAA) and Won. We captured their wonder ( Shellfish Marsh) at the crash land. We have 4 wonders now. Now our goal is to get the tree of abundance to get Island Dominator II rewards.

WFN - 4 Wonders
RED - 2 Wonders
HOT - 2 Wonders
AAA - 2 Wonders
WGT - 1 Wonder
SRS - 1 Wonder
HOC - 0 Wonder
ACA - 0 Wonder


22 May 2022
AAA defending their tunnels with impassible trick as soon as we invaded them at the clash zone.


May 24, 2022

We took over the Tunnel today however the opponents bubble up while using the impassible glitch technique we couldn’t build any tower. Theres no way we can invade in. We only can keep an eye on them until one of the ant hill move out of the way.


24 May 2022

Right now HOT (Brown) just broke through SRS ( Purple) Tunnel. Will SRS able to defend them? Should we ( WFN) interfere? Should we take this chance to invade SRS as well?


it’s interesting to read this, hope when u get li you will do this log again, tyvm