[Record Post] S-410 WFN, Sizz, We Flex Nutz!(Season1)

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SRS manage to defend and try to take back the tunnel.

26 May 2022

One of the anthills from AAA moved the anthills infront of the tunnel and the player who replace it left a gap. One of our players “Seakdeath” saw it and take this opportunity to place a tower there. We have been building towers and spreading our territory the whole day.

This is how far we spread our towers in a day and we going towards the wonder. AAA has been trying to dismantle our towers occasionally but we still hold on.

26 May 2022
Map Overview

29 May 2022
AAA (Pink) was planning to take a long detour avoiding to have a head on head fight with us to get to the tree of abundance tunnel. Our diplomat threaten RED Aliance ( Blue ) to invade them if they did not stop AAA and they did.

We have been saving clays for the Last few days. 5.5 hours before the Tunnel is open. All set and ready

31 May 2022
Aca Academy TH ( Gold) is back from the dead. They have not been active for weeks since HOT and SRS invaded them. Now they manage to have back a couple of buildings.

31 May 2022

WFN conquer Abundance Area

Looks Like our alliance WFN ( yellow) have the whole middle for ourselves. Yesterday we manage to defend HOT from coming in. HOT wasted lots of clay to build many towers near their tunnel

2 June 2022

Day 32

WGT ( Orange) has invaded AAA ( Pink) and took over their wonder at area 51 and AAA has invaded into RED Alliance ( Blue) territory.

On the other hand WFN ( yellow ) has took total control over land of abundance territory. The manage to win over the tunnel which was held by HOT previously

Day 33

WFN has reach 1M influence points

Total of :
5 Wonders
30 Residences
74 Lairs
24 Tunnels
35 Ferries

7 June 2022

SRS borrow us their fruit kingdom wonder in clash Land so that we Can complete Land of clash wonders rewards

Map Overview

8 June 2022

It is the last week of our stay in Lost island. There is nothing much to do. We share our buildings among our allies to help each other to complete some rewards. We continue to invade red buildings so we have more buffs so that we will have better scores in the coming SVS on groundhog day. We will give AAA back their wonder after GH day so they get some end rewards as well. We are aiming for Island Dominator II rewards by Occupying the tree of abundance and 4 wonders. I really hope the rewards are better in the future as we spend more than 1.5 months in the island. It will be nice of we get guaranteed lost island special ants as well for each wonder we occupied.

Alliance Influence Ranking

Anthill Honour Ranking ( Top 15 )
11 out of 15 are from WFN

11 June 2022
Update: Alliance Influence

HOT Alliance has disappeared from the alliance Influence Leaderboard. They have no buildings left other than their blockhouse. In contrary Aca Alliance has climb up to rank 4 with the help from SRS Alliance

15 June 2022
We gave HOC Fishbone wilderness wonder and Crab wonder to WGT.

16 June 2022

16 June 2022
AAA stole WGT’s third wonder on the last day leaving WGT with 2 wonder and instead of Island Explorer II rewards they got Island
Explorer I rewards.