[Record Post] Lost Island - s812, HiT - Battle Story


Next, I will post the text of the story for friends who need a quick translation - Part 1

Before all hell broke loose across the island, I had not imagined what would end up happening halfway through the season. The following days, as they transpired, would once again prove to me that what determines your success is not so much the strength of your forces as it is your dedication, honesty, and diplomacy. It had been only a few hours since the gates leading to the Tree of Abundance first opened, and every moment was already full of excitement amidst the chaos.

As the clock struck 3 Am (11:30 Pm UTC), I sat still in the room. The only sound was the soft breeze that came through the window. I was alone and silent

After reset, the movement started. The excitement of the war had made me sleepless. We are waiting moment by moment. Waiting is the hardest thing I can do.

I looked at the software code I was writing. Oh my God, I think I have to delete everything. It’s hard when you want to progress in the game and finish your work. Especially when you need to constantly monitor the performance of servers.

Not even half a day had passed when the purple and yellow alliances established themselves next to the Tree. The blue and orange alliance arrived soon after. My alliance, which was code-colored brown, didn’t enter the zone at the right time, because most of my clanmates were asleep, while the sun had just risen for me.

Upon entering the central zone leading towards the Tree, we got off to a good start. However, we had to prepare ourselves for other things, like the gathering daily event for SvS, and of course, we had to sleep too. Eventually, I decided to skip the gathering. I was worried the blue and green alliances would leave our coalition because of our low attendance. Should that be the case, all discussions and planning would end up futile, and we would lose progress toward the Tree.

Unexpectedly, the magenta alliance began to move around the Tree and block off everybody else, ignoring our diplomat’s plea to stop. The green alliance moved towards the tree, and after stabilizing their positions, they started to advance to take the position of the blue and brown clans.

But the Magenta started to attack the Green positions. It was not a good time for the Green Alliance. Only 7 of them were awake and bravely fought 20 of the Magenta Alliance. But Magenta was strong and had more people. Our union was moving slowly at that moment. Each castle takes 2 hours to complete.

I was very disappointed in those moments. Especially when I saw some alliance members talking about leaving the lost island. It was hard for them too. Really, if we could not help the greens, they would have failed. We could not continue our alliance with the Greens. And this caused a lot of problems.

As we advanced slowly, the blue alliance swiftly reached the edge of the bountiful tree.

I had read a lot about the Japanese culture of diligence.

But reading was not like seeing.

I admired how fast and steadily they worked to construct the tower.

At last, the blue alliance met the green alliance, and that was when the green alliance unleashed its full power.

I watched the clash between the Magenta Alliance and the Blue Alliance and I checked the time and the number of castles we had to build.

Our bond was close and affectionate. I longed to share the sweet victory with them. And now I felt that all our efforts were about to be ruined.

Perhaps in those moments, the green and blue union only remembered the previous days and our sincerity and collaboration with them to earn points for the top four teams, and if it weren’t for our good conduct, they wouldn’t have endured us.

As the battle began, the Blue Alliance retreated. The Magenta Alliance was exhausted from the long conflict with the Green Alliance, and the Blue Alliance entered the battlefield with fresh energy.

But the blue alliance came and aided the green alliance. It was a tedious battle between the four alliances. It took up to 4 hours to destroy a castle.

But the best cards were blue and green. Because we were nearing the end of the day. And two things happened, firstly, the Magenta and Orange Alliances were both from Turkey and were approaching their break time, and most importantly, we were on our way. Only two more castles were needed. Now the biggest challenge was to build a fort so we could fight together. We arrived at 10 pm London time.

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Part 2

Oh God, when was 1.5 in the morning?

I fell asleep at my desk. When I woke up it was 4.5Am (1:30 UTC) . And I was excited to see the playground. After the reset, my friends had reached their to destination. The composition of the playing field was interesting.

The sun was rising like a giant pancake on a griddle. I felt a new hope when I saw the dawn as if I could finally have some breakfast. How beautiful it is today, I thought, until I realized I had no syrup.

We talked with the red and blue to leave the area to us. And one of their members assured us that he will cooperate with us. But the Orange Alliance fought against us.

They are really strong. But we also had blue help.

The next day, we pushed back the orange a little. But we were still corresponding to fight Magenta. In the end, our efforts to expel the magpies from our land through diplomacy did not work.

And we went to war with them. A bloody battle I lost all my T11s in this battle. But the good news was that they no longer had T11. And they were tired. It was clear from the number troops had been sent to fight.

Since I was thinking about such a day, I had enough resources to improve the forces several times. I quickly healed the archer ants several times.

The next day, we returned the magenta and orange to our borders.

The battle lasted for hours until we finally reached the Tree of Abundance. It was a glorious sight, a huge tree with golden fruits hanging from its branches. We knew that whoever controlled this area would have a huge advantage in the game.

I loved every moment of this battle. Everyone fought bravely. Even magenta and orange. I have great respect for their strength and courage.

They did not lose the battle to the strength of our forces. Rather, they left the war to the sincerity, honesty, and trust of a coalition.


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