Migrazione di zona

Come faccio a migrare di zona?

What server are you in?

If you are in the younger servers, you must wait until there is a migration event. You will need to buy tokens from your alliance store. How many you need depends on your ant hill level. When the migration event begins, you can use your tokens to move to another server in your range.

If you are on a server that has Lost Island, currently the only option is to move using Cross Server Convcocation. When this event is open, you will need to leave your current alliance and apply to an alliance on the server you want to migrate to.

Sono nella zona 744
Quando il prossimo evento di migrazione?

There are no migration events announced for that server, but there will be a cross server convocation event next week. You can use that to migrate, but you will need approval from an alliance on the server you want to go to.

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