problem with access on the 504 server

Good evening, We have a problem with access on the 504 server. No one can log in despite the requirements being met. The message that appears is “Evento Terminato” right from the start.
Dozens of people have contacted me who have in turn written to customer service, but they can’t do anything.
I have the images that players sent me with the error message.
They can go to other servers but not to 504… It’s not possible that everyone can’t get in…
It’s a huge inconvenience for us as we were waiting for our friends to leave for the new desert event… some are still waiting for the problem to be solved… at the moment no one is able to solve the problem. Absurd.

hello can you show me the error message ?
also it might because of alliance expedition event you cant use cross server only after the AE ends

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