Migration Event not CsC

Migration Event not CsC

Required Item:

Zone Migration

Quantity needed


1-You should have the necessary teleports ready a couple weeks before the event starts if you do not want to be in a hurry or use cash.

you can buy the Zone Migration TP in the Alliance Sotre using contribution points or buying in the Pack Shop

2-Find a new area that fits your interests or needs, that’s what we’ll talk about in another post

3-You will receive an email from The Ants Studio a few hours before the event starts

This example is based on the hypothetical case of being on server 1051-1075

4-When the event is activated if you want to emigrate you must meet some requirements:

1.Queen level must be >= Lv.15
2.All march troops are currently available.
3.You are not a member of any Alliance.
4.There are no soldiers ants in your Healing Pool
5.The cooldown for each migration is 28Days

5-Choose the server in the event menu and start a new adventure


If you want to know more here :slight_smile:


Helpful information thank you