Interview : OwlviN R5 SWL S765

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Dear friends, today I am at your service with an interview with our friend OWLVIN from S.765. OWLVIN is the leader of the SWL alliance. We fought together in the last event of SL.846. However, we could not win this course and we had many problems. But we gained experience together and I had the honor of meeting a new friend.

Could you kindly introduce yourself and elaborate on your role and interactions within your alliance?

I am OwlviN, R5 of the SWL alliance. Some members are from different servers, and we are newcomers. We invited people from old servers to reunite in the new server, reaching out through various social media platforms. I feel close to some alliance members, considering them friends and real-life companions. I once took a break for a few weeks, and the reason I returned was the longing for interactions with them in the game.

From your perspective, could you compare the strengths and weaknesses of BL with those of LI?

Lost Island (LI) has a significant weakness against alliances with incompetent and poorly coordinated members. The matchmaking system’s slight imbalance in power also contributes. Similarly, in BL, success relies on teamwork, effective leadership, and clear direction. Lack of any of these can lead to failure. The crucial aspect is mutual respect, as internal team conflicts can lead to misery.
Ultimately, LI and BL share similarities, but LI is more challenging due to the absence of protection hours, making it difficult for small alliances to win. In contrast, BL requires active participation and good cooperation among members for success.

How does your leadership effectively address the challenges posed by BL, especially in hostile environments?

I and my other friends collaborate in directing the members; those who are active and responsible for tower management will create signs to guide them. On the other hand, I frequently remind my friends not to forget important tasks in the BL. This way, my friends can assist me in organizing all the members. In leadership, I am not alone; honestly, I am greatly helped by friends who dedicate their time to participate in organizing and directing other members during BL.
During challenging times, my friends and I strive to provide motivational statements to the members. We always express gratitude to those who have dedicated their time to participate in BL and contribute to the battle.

Would you be willing to share some of the key events that occurred during BL, including both positive and negative experiences?

In the last BL, we suffered a significant defeat not due to the enemy’s strength but due to our own trust issues. One alliance misinterpreted the other alliance jokes, leading to verbal abuse. Additionally, our tower-building strategy backfired. After that day, dark times followed with no resistance or strategy, just an attempt to continue BL and earn honor points for rewards.
On the positive side, my daily interactions with alliance members were the only uplifting aspect. We shared jokes during BL, even amidst the war discussions.

What was your initial strategy when BL started? Were there any circumstances that necessitated changes in this strategy as events unfolded?

Our initial strategy was to complete towers and control all buildings quickly for faster growth. However, entering neutral areas required adjusting our strategy, focusing on stamina conservation and thoughtful tower placement discussions each night.

Do you have any advice or tips that you could offer to individuals who are new or relatively inexperienced with the BL event?

My advice is to ask many questions in the alliance, don’t stay silent as if you know everything. It’s not just about knowledge but interaction. The more you engage, the more you gain. If you find an experienced mentor, follow their guidance and strive to improve. This way, you’ll become better than before.

I understand that you might have heard about the new VJ (Vast-Jungle) event. Could you share your thoughts on this event?

Vast Jungle (VJ) seems unique, and my initial thought was about potential imbalance. I don’t know much about VJ except for information about ants. Considering the 3 vs. 8 system, VJ might be more challenging than LI. I’ve heard VJ uses a war time schedule, where battles occur at predetermined times. I’m excited and looking forward to it.

Finally, I would like to thank “OwlviN” for taking the time to conduct this interview :heart: