How to gain new members?

New player (Level 14), new alliance leader one week old. Was quickly able to fill 50 members but now down to less than half with people leaving and kicking out inactive players, and no new members are joining or available to invite. Of the remaining members, most are not active or contributing to alliance.

What am I doing wrong? Do I need to move servers and if so, what happens to my existing alliance members?

Please help a newbie!

Hello @antopolis

First of all, I’m glad you came to the forum community. It’s nice to see you here.

I understand the problem you are having. This problem is something that exists in many alliances and occurs even on old servers.

To help you, I recommend you review the guide prepared by our friend @Guppy from our Observer team. :innocent:

I’m sure it will be useful for you.


Thank you! I read through it but didn’t see the answers to my questions. I am a very active and responsive alliance leader but my group is just not interested in chatting and only a few donate to the alliance. I just would like a robust group of active players but no idea how to find them or have them find us.

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There is such a problem on new servers.
The players are playing without really talking, but I’m sure that will change over time.

Here are a few ways I can suggest you:

  • Trying to create an English-speaking multinational alliance.
  • Making offers to merge with different alliances.
  • Sharing recruiting messages to zone chat several times a day.

This worked well in the early days of our server.

I hope I could help you. :innocent: