Collect translation data for LI & BL calendar creation

I am a Japanese blogger.
I made English and Japanese LI calendars.

By using automatic blog translation, you can create a calendar in your language.
But it doesn’t match the word in the game.

If you want the perfect calendar, write the in-game words in your language on a spreadsheet.
I will make a calendar based on that.

The BL calendar will be released after Batch 1 ends.


Hey @alice

That’s an amazing idea, will gladly contribute the words in the German Language.
Question though… why did. you write release behind a lot of words?
Is it enough that I just translate the other word and leave release away?
Because with the Honey Badger as an example… the animal itself is called “Honigdachs” but the Event name is “Wildnis-Jäger” something completely different. :eyes:


Thanks for your comments and German cooperation, Sarluna!
If you don’t need to write “release” to make sense, you don’t need to write it, no problem!

I create calendars using words typed by others.
But it is difficult to fully understand what the word means…
If I know what the event means when it appears on the calendar, I don’t see a problem!

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Hi! A very interesting idea :wink: I can help with the Russian translation

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Other idea…
Instead of words that we translate into our language. Would it be possible that you’d add screenshots of the words and meanings in the in game text?
This way you have 100% translation as it’s written in game and not out interpretation of what we think you mean.

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Thanks for your comments and Russian cooperation, Sarah_kerrigan!
I will eventually create a Russian calendar!

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Thanks for the idea, Sarluna!
OK, I will add the in-game screenshots to the spreadsheet!
But I need some time to find the corresponding text from within the game and take screenshots…
Might make you wait, sorry…

No worries, take your time.
But at least this way you know that we got you the correct translations. ^^

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Thanks for the translation help!
I have added in-game images to the spreadsheet!

I will start working on the Russian and German calendars in the near future😄

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German version of Lost Island calendar is now available!
Only the PC version of Chrome has been tested.
Thanks to Sarluna for the translation!

Does anyone know of a Russian version of the “Marsh Challenge”?

I tried to add traditional Chinese in Excel, I haven’t entered the desert island yet, I have to compare some corresponding translations with the game screen, and I will leave blank the parts that cannot be translated

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Thanks for your help with the translation, Kenny.
No problem, I am in no hurry to collect translation data.

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Thank you for your good work :revolving_hearts:
good luck :wink:

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Thanks for the translation help, ZeroOne!
I have two questions.

First, can I enter the //todo section in the calendar as it is in English?
Second, I need the time zone abbreviation for your country.
Is IRST correct?
Sorry if I’m wrong…
My iPhone didn’t read the language well

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Iran Standard Time (IRST ) or Iran Time (IT )

I need to check more for the (//todo) parts. I will complete it in the next few days
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Ok, thanks for your help😄
Please when your time is good, I’m not in a hurry :relaxed:

Hi Alice :slight_smile: I did not find this definition in the game, please tell me where to find it?

Hi Sarah_Kerrigan😄
Are you referring to time zones?
I used this site to look up abbreviations like UTC, JST, etc.

We have created a Persian LI calendar!
Thanks ZeroOne for helping me translate it!

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