Collect translation data for LI & BL calendar creation

Good afternoon please :blush::blush:

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Your beautiful work is commendable
I suggest you produce several calendars in different languages based on this calendar in Google and share them with the public.

Thanks for using the calendar I made :laughing:.

Thanks for the good ideas!
I’ve already created a Google calendar.
In fact, I am going to release a certain DISCORD server.
It will announce the schedule of each Batch of LI and BL.
Users will enter the discord server I have created and follow the channels of the events they are participating in.
Then announcements will be sent to the user’s discord server.


This system uses Google Calendar.
Therefore, we plan to release Google Calendar after the discord is released.
First, we will test the system’s operation in Japanese, our native language, and if there are no problems, we will create an English version.

However, this will take a tremendous amount of effort…
I have to create 8 calendars for one language.

But I fear that few users will use this system…
I almost never see users making calendars on my blog :sob:.
So I am hesitant to create a Google Calendar that supports more than just my native language.

Oh, this is wonderful. I am impatiently waiting for it.
The important thing is not to give up. This is valuable. Over time, people will join you.
About the blog, unfortunately, I have to see it with a filter breaker. I find it interesting that I have a 404 error. And the firewall doesn’t seem to stop it. But I can see your blog from European servers.

Oh… That’s sad… :sob:
I had lost track of the fact that a blog created in Japan may not be displayed in other countries.
It will take me some time to look into this solution.

Thanks, I hope to publish those systems once the updated BL calendar is ready.
Right now I’ll do my best to get them ready for public release!