Zone migration question

When can I move to a new server ? I can not find a date online, YouTube, or in game itself. Please help. Thank you in advance !

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Above is the ant’s official discord migration information. Hope it helps you out.

That is not an answer, but thank you.

What do you mean by it is not an answer? Weren’t you asking about where to get official information for migration? The Ants’ official discord is the only place where they release information for migration in game.

Thank you Josh, I am not interested in promoting or joining discord, I hope the developers find more ways to reach more players, so that they may also be able to participate in more of the game itself. Thank you for your replies .

I see what you mean. Sadly discord is the platform the game used to discuss issues. But since the forum was created, I believe both platforms should have information about migration. However, most players are still on discord for migration-related issues like recruitments.

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