YGG server 774 recruiting 751-850

☆ YGG ☆ server 774

Yggdrasill is a very active Alliance.
We are a group of friends from different countries…
Our priority is to have fun together, play an excellent team game and participate in LI/BL events…

•We have a great organization and successful strategies
•Times suitable for everyone as we are an alliance made up of various nationalities.
•Multilingual Alliance messages.
•R4 positions available.
• Second farm alliance
•Telegram/Whatsapp groups to help each other grow and to send important alerts during events.
• Possibility to open 3 CSCs (751-850)
•774 Peace Server, alliance collaboration for svs, tree rotation, 1 Purge Day (Wednesday)

We are pleased to have a Sky Alliance R4 in our Alliance helping us build great strategies and member growth!


:heart:If you want to live an adventure with us send me a private message​:heart:

It is preferable that you have at least a complete T9 or almost complete T10 evolution but above all we are looking for active people who know how to play a great team game…


Hello @Rivoluzione88 ,

Welcome to The Ants forum! We’re excited to have you with us. We hope your experience here is amazing, and we wish you great success in your journey of recruiting for the alliance. May you find dedicated and enthusiastic members to strengthen your team even further.

Good luck and enjoy!


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