Which is your favourite soldier ant?

Hi dear Rulers!

I was wondering what drives a player to choose shooters to guardians? or do you prefer carriers?

I started with shooters and now this is the path I’ve chosen. During my first days of playing I was advised by more experienced players but looking back maybe I would have chosen the carriers.

Which troop do you prefer and why?
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Hey TechStepper,

I, as well, was advised early on in this game to develop my shooter class. I don’t regret it but I have noticed that carriers might of been an easier path. I decided after a couple months into the game to create another account and invest in the carrier class. Maybe it was just me but I found the carrier class to be easier to advance quicker, especially for f2p players.

So being as I use both types on 2 different accounts I think I still prefer shooters but that’s because I’m more developed in that soldier ant type.

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