Which building do you visit the most?

Which building do you visit the most?

:ant:Although the ants are hardworking, in order for the ant colony to grow, the ruler also needs to act as a supervisor and look around to ensure the detail of every link. Where do you often visit?:thinking:

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Id 61305575
100% mutation pool


The Flora of Evolution

Mutation pool
Id 52085801


Definitely the crystal mine… people really love attacking me

54812487 camp de fourmi soldats mutation

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ID: 18253865
Mutationsbecken ist definitv einen täglichen Besuch wert.

ID: 43205701
Most Visit (1): Special Nest
(2): Healing Pool
(3) Feeding Ground
(4) Mutation Pool

Crystal mine

Mutation Pool

ID: 42581490

ID: 63153545

Always try to hatch ant and research them… So the special ant one

Mutation pool, definitely

ID: 2426983

ID: 59811100
Crystal mine. I mine and it serves as shortcut to all other stores.

Queen anthill 58030043

queen anthill
ID: 38786020

Tunnel of Duel

ID = 52697259

Mutação de formigas e Flora da Evolução

ID: 62604466
Servidor: 1127

The healing pool id63623467

Id 56906742