Where did the 'special growth plan I' go?

I was excited to see the new special growth plan ii and purchased it first day. Now my original growth plan finished but when I went to look… Poof! It be gone.

I heard quite a few people complaining they couldn’t see the special growth plan ii when it came out. Some said you had to buy the growth plan I in order to see the next one. I didn’t have any of those issues but now I cannot find the regular special growth plan I.

Anyone else having issues or would like to some clarity?

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Hi there. Due to the recent update, if you had previously purchased twice of the Special Growth Plan I before the update, then your special ant growth plan will change from I to II. Hope this helps you. :smiley:


Once upgraded to ants pack 2 you can’t go back to one. But if notice the chest

You can easily switch to the first pack rewards

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