What's New - July 18, 2022 - Soldier's Reform Pool


|Hello Rulers! I logged into The Ants this morning and saw something new! A short tutorial walked me through constructing a new building: " Soldier’s Reform Tool."

Wow! This looks great! The possibilities are endless! I play shooters, main line, and will be working on that area first.|
|Anyone have suggestions they would like to share for reform progression?|Anyone have suggestions they would like to share for reform progression? We gain reform chests by participating in the Trial of Valor and various packs. |


Good stuff
Ok love this game to best ever lol good time always

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YES! Keep bringing on the new stuff :slight_smile:

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This can be seen when Queen Level is 22

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I too was excited to see the new building. I was glad it popped up on a build day. Got mine to level 22. Bought the 3 packs on day 1 and $64.97 later I opened up the next part slot on all three ant types.

Now the question is where do these new parts come from? Soldier chest or rare chest? And where do rare chests come from?

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Congratulations! I got new parts from completing my daily tasks to 500. I haven’t seen a rare chest yet though i am looking into things now. I will update when I have more information.
You are doing great and thank you for sharing this with all of us! :+1:

Trial of Valor just opened up. The Reform Pool rewards are below:


so i gather after doing the pangolin the mixed pack is the best will get from it to use in reform pool

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Yes, that is correct. The personal rewards seem better than the Alliance rewards but i plan to go for all of them.

Has anyone opened up the 2nd lock? If so, how did you open it? How good is the upgrade?

2nd lock open by havving 3 of it to lv 5, the item for 2nd slot is from mixed chest where u get att/def/health forr season ants, invasion garrison, gh att n pango att

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