What to do with my Supreme worker ant II?

Now that I have the supreme worker ant I dont even know how to put him to work

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Dear @Chris_Bruning,

Welcome to the forum! I’m glad to see your participation. Regarding your question about the Supreme Worker II, here are the instructions to put it to work:

  1. On the right corner, you’ll find the construction icon. Click on it to get started. 180737

  2. Choose the “Developer” option to access ant-related options. 180744

  3. Locate the “Supreme Worker Ant Habitat” and drag it to the construction area. 180806

  4. Now, you’ll have an extra worker ant at your disposal. Use it to explore treasures or to upgrade a construction.

I hope these instructions are helpful. If you have further questions, feel free to ask. Good luck with your adventures in the game!