What moments have left an indelible mark in your memory 📍?

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The Ants has been around for a whopping three years :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. How did you stumble upon this magical ant world and what moments have left an indelible mark in your memory :round_pushpin:?

:+1: The first time you dealt 100% damage to a level 35 lizard?
:heart: Getting your first beloved ant?
:laughing: Or something else?

We’re sure these thrilling moments are etched into your memory. Share your captured exciting game screenshots along with your game ID in the comments! Mysterious rewards will be sent out via email within 7 working days after the conclusion of this topic activity on March 22nd, 23:59:59 (UTC+0).


something else :eyes:

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ID: 56710996

:+1: :heart: :laughing:

The game the Ants always gives me unforgettable moments. From the achievements achieved in the game itself to the true friendships that are possible to build through it.

Seeing my alliance grow :smiley:



First tree war

ID: 73216067


Related to ants, it was the purchase of ants farm around half a year ago. I learnt to care about them, watch how their colony grow, and how they distribute their duties. Did you know that some types of ants have over a dozen of commands/communication, and one type of them even have some kind of slavery?

My ID: 72881282

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Alianza creciendo

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Id : 72852248

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ID: 51632412
First Island

Saya pemain baru, Saya sudah mengeluarkan uang 1 juta 200 ribu dalam 4 hari agar bisa menjadi terkuat di negara saya.

ID 73175430

:laughing: Being able to reach level 25 and be able to travel to other servers and meeting new Players:

ID: 28151547

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Pergunta pessoal, onde eu pego os códigos de gifts que são enviados pelo email das atualizações? Já tentei em configurações do jogo e não consegui.

Me ajudem por favor.

Quando eu peguei a t10 :slight_smile:

Gioco meraviglioso sono alla mia prima isola
Id 64888622


ID 31540758 MY FIRST RM

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