What kind of experience is it to ask for water in the game?

What kind of experience is it to ask for water in the game​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:? Do you remember your first experience of entering the game and requesting to water the pea plants? :joy:

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I have my 5-10 players that water each others peas, right after reset. So thankfully I never have to ask. But I always find it amusing when players ask for water in season chat, before the event started. :sweat_smile:

I usually don’t have to worry about my pea not getting watered because it will get fully watered after like 30 minutes.

Also this is a funny question because it isn’t really begging, it’s called asking for water.

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Simply asking for water and claiming I only needed 1 more drop lol so that they would visit and water my pea lol.

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For me, at the beginning of the game, it was fun to watch others send the same emojis, and I didn’t understand why they were doing it. And now I have to do it myself

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I didn’t really beg cause there are random people in the alliance I joined who just randomly water other people
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اوایل که اصلا خجالت می کشیدم . الان اینقدر میفرستم تا آبیاری کنن :smile:
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Didn’t even know how to get it at first ;')


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I just use the water please ant emoji and send it in chat. At first it is quite irritating zone chat was filled with water me please. Disrupting conversation in chat. I remember our first server they forbid anyone to ask water in zone chat. Only in alliance chat

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