What is the last time do you usually log in to the game daily?

Can you find yourself in the picture? What is the last time do you usually log in to the game daily?

Tell us your answer and include your game ID in the comments section! By participating in the event, you also have a chance to win a mysterious reward!

PS. The mysterious reward will be sent via email within 7 business days after the deadline of this topic event on July 11th, 23:59:59 (UTC+0).



10:00 pm-11:00pm

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ID: 43205701
Around 2100-2115 SGT (1300 - 1315 UTC)

44690278 630 utc

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2.50 am :sob:

id: 18773781

ID: 61305575
6:30-7:00 GMT

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Usually 19:00 UTC,but sometimes it’s a bit later

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Well, I am from 4 am to 8 pm. I work with a computer and most of the game is active in the virtualizer.
ID: 42581490

ID : 61938035
Prob around 7:30am

ID 54420090 10:00 utc

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ID 59114249


Its currently 3:38pm down here in the Southern Hemisphere :australia: but honestly there’s been numerous times I get no sleep and stay logged in for more than 24 hours butt sleep? Whats that?? LoL

A las 3:00 AM

iD: 33297689

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Just before reset! Depending on clock and British summertime so either 0.00 or 01.00
6007434 id

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ID: 57796685

A toda hora the ants mi vicio sano :ok_hand::ok_hand::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::vibration_mode::vibration_mode::vibration_mode:. Mi id : 11586598 Server #147

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