What is the best defense?

What is the best defense? To fight back or to use shields, and if the latter, without considering whether such shields exist in the game, which shield would you use? 8h, 24h, 3d or 1 year?

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ID :42581490

I love the 1 hour shield. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
It would be great if I didn’t have to wait half an hour to use the shield :rofl: :face_with_peeking_eye:

ID: 18253865

Way to many 8 hr shields (:laughing:) to use anything else.
Slowly need to work them off. :eyes:

kommt immer auf denn server an xD :heart: 35279061

ID : 13618962
I like 3 days shield

The best defense is a good offense. I like the 1 hour shield as it allows you a small bit of time to use up any resources taken without threat of being attacked yourself. Also you don’t waste an 8 hour or longer shield if you intended to go back on the offensive again. However, as a possible improvement to the 1 hour shield when activated it negates the cooldown period. Can use that shield in more guerilla style warfare to spice up PvP more.

ID: 42045584

I think 8 h

My id : 59944419

What?! Y’all use shields?!

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When you are on a server that raid is free for 4 days. You will understand the value of the one-hour shield.
In our server you either eat or be eaten. :rofl:
You are not even safe with a 3 day shield.
Even though I have weak forces and all my RRS have been stolen many times, I enjoy all the excitement

7 day nap server where I am at :laughing:

help me with 3 days :+1: please


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