Welcher Server ist der Friedliche?

Welcher Server war es, wo man sich zusammen gerafft hat und gegen die tyrannischen Inquisition gekämpft hat, so dass der Server friedlich wurde. Und ist da noch etwas los? Wollte einer Einladungen nachkommen.

Es gab dort eine Story, wäre cool, wenn mir jemand helfen könnte. Weiß nicht mehr ob es Server 61 oder 68 war.
Bitte Hilfe

I think every server have their own story. We have more than 900 servers right now. I believe there are many servers that have fought tyrannical players and became a peaceful server or vice versa. Are you looking for a peaceful server to migrate to? or you would like to start playing in a peaceful server?

I want to migrate to a special server. I dont believe there are too much peacefull server if it is not death. It one of the first server with this Story, there are also german people. I dont remember if it was 61-69 or something else. It was a lattle bit famius fir that one year ago. I allready waited for months to migrate to there, then i removed the app… Here i am 1 year later and try to continiue. Hopefully it worked.

I dont want a half peacefull server, its one of the rare peacefull server, hooefully with the same people. I like bees and ants in real life, so iam not here to fight pvp or something else just doing ant stuff, chill and enjoy the nice design.

Maybe we called it “Föderation” against the Inquisition, these pkayers who make stress by other players so they stop playing… So the victims stay close together call themselfes Föderation and fight the aggressors that they stop playing. This is real ant stuff👍 it dosnt works a lot with the human beeings. So want to find my ants or real friends of ants, thats all. I dont want to work for a king🤪 Beeing old enaugh