We want you! PiR Piraten / Server 749

Hello dear ant friends,

We are [PiR] Pirates from server 749. Contrary to what the name might suggest, we are a peaceful clan and are looking for hard-working and active members for the Barren Lands and beyond. We are mostly german players but we also have other language speaking ant hills at the start.
Everyone is welcome!

Most of us have been fighting together successfully for more than 4 seasons and we still have fun and success together and we need you to continue this journey!

For us it is not primarily strength that counts but your activity. Because if there are 40 players at the start of a fight, it will get us further than just 15 strong players. So don’t be afraid to apply. There is no strict hierarchy, if you have an idea or suggestion, get in touch and let us know, we take everything seriously :slight_smile:

Interested in fighting with us and developing your skills?

Then write to me or apply to us. CSC is open!

Server 749 PiR Piraten
Or PN to me Silcardo

Thank you very much.
I’m looking forward to seeing you :wink:

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Hello @Silcardo

It’s good to see you here. Welcome to the club.
I wish you good luck in recruiting. :innocent:

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