Water supply

My water is always low? I have all the resovoirs upgraded to ten. My fungus is normal and storage is ten. I dont understand. Also, my ants eat too much! I fill it up to feed them and it says 12 hours, but its alot less. I am on Barren land for the first time if this makes a difference. Thank you!


Evening @Stacey

There is a neat little trick you can implement into your game to save a lot of Water and Meat.

:yellow_circle: - can be disconnected to save fungus !
:orange_circle: - ALWAYS needs to be connected !!
:red_circle: - remove from path to save Water & Meat + Food Depot timer !!!

If I disconnect the red buildings my depot time changes as follows:

Hoped this helped a bit. :wink:


Was going to give this exact same tip as I had seen on tutorial video on YouTube.

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Wow. I went fromf 15 hours to ten days! If i shut access off what happens? Will i loose ants in or outside hill?

You won’t loose ant. You just need to keep an eye on it. If your worker ants amount goes down, just fill it up again and connect the buildings, till the amount is at max. again. :wink:

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Thank you! This was very helpful and works. Except now they eat leaves lIke crazy! Weird! I will look into everyones responses.