war or peace eventually

Will my team truly be friendly if TEN rAt and xxx keep tryna attack us ?

Hello @Theloneshadowwolf

Intra-server conflicts will of course end after a while and will be replaced by SVS focus. I’m sure you will enjoy this fun process. I hope you never get bored in the future. Have a nice day and welcome to the forum :innocent:

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I’m just done bro I get attacked at random against ten rAt and xxx for no reason also can we be freinds if you could join the alliance LEG is where I am at the moment the alliance leader is mintAK

PVP is a big part of this game, make sure to always be shielded so these things can’t happen it’s a good habit to get into. Use this time has a learning curve so you grow as a player :slight_smile:

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Yo can I freind you message wise on the actual game? or no

You can only message, people on your own server, alliance leaders during csc and alliances on the same island events as you. :slight_smile:


Wich one u on then I’m on 1235 originally I had a 90m acc but that got deleted I was too powerful so I started over after an ip ban over somthing I didn’t do