"War Of Kings" Series of Comics (Episode 1): Coming Soon

“War Of Kings” Series of Comics (Episode 1): Coming Soon

Fan works of The Ants – “War Of Kings” series of comics will be released soon.

As the first series of comics of LORE TEAM (a part of MOD team), what kind of story will the “War Of Kings” bring to us? Are you ready to enjoy it?

Leaving your thought and game id number in the comment of our Facebook Page post(→https://bit.ly/3NUVkY5), so that you will have a chance to gain Wet Soil30k, Meat30k, Plant30k, and 30-min Speedup1.

Rewards will be issued within 7 working days after the event ends (2022/07/20, 00:00:00, UTC+0) via mail.

LORE TEAM is a completely open team for players. If you have creative basic in music, fiction, or art, it is the perfect platform to show your talents. Excellent authors will be awarded official rewards. If you are interested, please click the link to apply:



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