Vacant: Ares, recruiting, diplomat and cansolar

What are the benefits of filling theses spaces?

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When your alliance is not on Lost Island, the only difference between the officer positions (the four you listed) and a regular R4 is a small difference in salary. The alliance is not impacted by the positions being filled or being left vacant.

When on Lost Island, officer positions, along with the R5, can dismiss alliance member’s troops from towers. An R4 that is not an officer does not have this power. There is also a difference in rewards at the end of Lost Island for officers compared to other R4s.

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Hello Cider,

Filling these positions may help to achieve a more structured alliance and allow the leader to delegate responsibilities in a more efficient way.

The differences in salary and the differences in Lost Island as previously mentioned are really the only tangible benefit from filling them. The rest are potential benefits that depend on a number of factors such as how well these officers work together.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


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