TRY US #633 MoM

Hello hello ~ Interested in sharing ideas, playing style or wanting to grow together?

we looking to more friends…who is funny ,active even naughty one \(٥⁀▽⁀ )/ come play together at MoM #633

Even though we think differently but we will support each other for Increase our knowledge about the game and develop new skills for our own personal growth …for the best !
be better and gorwth together as family

We are listen each other ,share ideas ,no judge, also share R4 rank (because our R5 super cool “Sexi Papi”) …give us a chance to learn and play with you…also give your self a chance to try something new meet new friends at comfy alliance

No worry here you will always find a friend because Our family is multi-religious and multilingual…we respect everyone even our enemies…:innocent:

If you need more info ,can msg us anytime … please don’t be shy :kissing_heart:

"Let’s share your ideas for help another to be better together … more friends more fun better than be the best alone

Everyone Welcome to MoM #633
Come play with me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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