Tribute To The Great Content Creators

Tribute To The Great Content Creators

The official Discord followers is about to reach 200,000, which is an amazing milestone. With the increase of fans, fans’ demand for content in the Discord community is also become stronger, and video content is one of the most direct and friendly forms. If you love video production and want more people to see your work, this post might help you a little bit.

The official Discord currently has two channels for external content creators:

Channel 1: content-creators
Content Scope: Guides, Tips, Version News

Channel 2: fauna-observation
Content Scope: Little Creature Observing and Raising, Insect Pet

The sources displayed in the two channels are both YouTube videos, but the content of the two channels is different. Channel 1 is mainly related to games, and Channel 2 is mainly related to small creature observation. Once we link our Discord channel with your YouTube channel, after you post a video on your YouTube channel, the video will be automatically displayed on our Discord channel. To complete the link, you only need to follow the following steps or rules:

  1. Fill the questionnaire to submit your channel link
  2. Make sure your description area of your each video should contain **Download Now ** AND #TheAnts #TheAntsUndergroundKingdom
  3. Add an Ending Video Clip at the end of your video(Optional)
  4. Don’t Promote Other Games in your channel.

At the same time, we are also recruiting Fauna Team and Video Team. Joining this team, you will not just be able to link your YouTube channel with the official Discord channels, you will also get various game benefits from Dev on a regular basis.

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