Tips on insects

So, q22 player here, I am starved for insect fodder… my insect evolution is around 30-40% complete, I was just wondering if there is a better way to level up insects besides going the safe route. I would also like to know a good way to make more insect fodder, I am currently only making enough to keep my nests going 24/7. Thanks in advance

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No, there isn’t any way to level up insects cheaply, unless you gamble insects. However, if you gamble you will expect a win or a loss. To get more fodders, the only way is to upgrade the termite nest, hit high groundhog, and purchase monthly insect packs.

If you haven’t already only max out Fodder master (1,2) and Fodder saving (1,2) and along those you will gain 2 new termite buildings.

  • Although the last tech is tempting (hatching 2 star or 3 star insects) it costs alot of resources and there are more valuable tech like double rewards in the Zone Develop (most important tech)

Besides termite farms (it takes alot of time to upgrade because fungus). the most fodder you will get is, like Josh said through groundhog every 2 weeks. The more damage you do the more fodder you get.

  • So try to rally with someone who has a higher level of troop tunnel for attack bonus, use bufs and high damage orange ants.

There is also an Orange ant that might help " Amber Glider" but it requires alot of duplicates to be effective.