The Unexpected Friendship Part IV by Insight Staff | Arabella

:mega:The Unexpected Friendship Part IV by Insight Staff | Arabella

:writing_hand:ABOUT AUTHOR
Insight Staff | Arabella is a pioneering female writer for The Ants Novel Team. She demonstrated her exceptional writing talent in the Night at the Anthill (NA) series, in which she uses a very anthropomorphic approach to show us the beautiful life of Ant. After a few months, she brought us The Unexpected Friendship, a new work based on the Lost Island gameplay. Today is the 4th series of her story, The Unexpected Friendship Part IV. Also, you can find her previous parts in channel “#arabella-series” of our official Discord. Here comes a question, where is our author Arabella from?:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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The scream from the forest could be heard throughout the anthill. Bella started running towards the place where the voice was heard but stopped when she heard the footsteps of something large coming out of the forest. Who screamed for help? Was Bella’s anthill in danger?

All the ants nearby turned to the forest with wide-opened eyes. Then, finally, one of the members of the Bomb Squad ran out of the woods towards the tower, yelling:
-Help! There is a monster in the forest.

Time seemed to stand still, and everyone’s hearts stopped beating for a moment. The steps were getting louder and louder, sounding more and more like something gigantic.
“I am scared!” One of the baby ants was saying to her mum.
“Don’t be. Bella will save us.”
Bella swallowed hard. The trust her ants had in her was mind-blowing, but she would do anything to defend her hill.

Suddenly, there was silence. The steps stopped abruptly, and only the rustling leaves could be heard. Bella could see something big; something very big.

“I want the group leaders to take everyone to the tower. Close the doors and windows and await my signal before you come back out.” Bella’s order could be heard loud and clear.
“Ants in Black, I need your help with this. Get your weapons. We will go into the forest to investigate.”

Everyone moved, and within 5 minutes, only the team from Ants in Black was standing beside Bella.
“We go in. There is no need to sneak. This thing is huge and is just beyond those trees. But be ready to run.”
With careful steps, the group moved toward the forest. What they saw made them blink their eyes to ensure they were not dreaming. It was Godzilla. Yes, THE Godzilla. It looked at them with its big eyes and waited. Bella’s anthill was known as welcoming and friendly.
“Welcome to my anthill.” Bella said with a voice that shook just a little bit, “Is there anything we can help you with?”
Godzilla made a mighty roar and sat down like a dog.
“Uhm, do you want to stay here with us?”
Godzilla’s head moved up and down.
“OK, you are welcome to stay. But, keep in the forest, we will have friends coming over soon, and we do not want to scare them.”

The group moved back to the tower, looking stunned. Bella called her officers to the meeting room to discuss what was happening.

"OK, I understand that Godzilla is a surprise for everyone. So, we need a group to investigate how it got here, and if we can use it. We also have Sixth coming for a visit soon, and no food had yet been prepared for the party.

“The Ants in Black will investigate Godzilla, but already we can see we could use it as a leading insect for our troops.”
“Insect?! How will you make someone believe it is an insect?”
“We can use the persuasion technique. Our persuasion skills are high.”
“Well, OK, try that.”
“Our troops will have objections,” one of the generals interrupted.
“Objections? Why?”
“They will have to run behind it. And knowing it is made from radiation, who knows what could come from under that tail?”
Bella imagined what could have happened, and she shivered.
“We will think about it then. But now we have to talk about the party.”

After a lengthy discussion, a menu was decided:

Fried Scorpions with Garlic Bread
Plant Soup with Honeydew
Garlic-Glazed Mushrooms

Main course
Grilled Bunny
Gecko Butter Marsala
Baked Pasta with Hornets

Chocolate Cake with Honey and Oranges

Troops were sent out to gather the needed ingredients, and Bella’s anthill started filling with wonderful smells. Sitting outside in the evening with her tea in one hand, Bella thought to herself: “I should’ve added some rum to my tea. I needed it after today.” The preparations for Sixth visit were underway, and there will be a time for a welcoming party in just a few days. The only question Bella had right now was: “What do I feed that enormous Godzilla?”