The Underground Cave Fundementals

Assuming you’ve already met the required level and acquired the underground cave building, and you’re aware that the cave resets weekly (not daily), let’s break down what’s coming your way.
There are three types of rewards with the underground cave:

1st Type: Epic Fungi: These rewards are destined for the Fungi store, where you can find advanced fragments, cell upgrades, and speedups. Personally, I wouldn’t spend my fungi on these rewards. However, players well into the mid-game or nearing the end game might opt for minor nucleases. There are plenty of other resource avenues to level your cells. My recommendation? Hold onto your fungi for the first-pass store; it offers substantially better rewards and is always a smart choice.

2nd Type: Tower Snails: These are your ticket to the end game and awakening your special ants. To access these rewards, you’ll need a formidable army of special ants. Advice from seasoned players like Eagnai and other endgame experts is to safeguard at least one of each special ant. As you approach the endgame, consider upgrading these special ants to delve deeper into the caves.

3rd Type: Awakening Protein: This is your go-to resource for awakening your special ants.

The Significance of the Underground Cave:

The underground cave stands as the single most crucial building for long-term endgame success in the underground kingdom. It’s the primary source of your awakening rewards.

How to Progress:

Now, let’s talk strategy to get there. The advice I’ve received is to aim to collect at least one of every ant. Start by deploying your weaker ants first, then methodically work your way up to level 20 using your most powerful ants. Once you reach level 20, you unlock quick raiding. Using the quick raiding method prioritizes your best ants, so be prepared to observe a slight drop in your average/max maze level compared to manual play.

When it comes to skill choices, the recommended skills may not always align with the best choices. There used to be a pathing guide for certain levels, but it’s now randomized and doesn’t quite work as it once did. If you come across an outdated skill chart from the underground maze, just be aware that it no longer holds true. Nevertheless, those choices can still offer some guidance or a general sense of what to do.

In the end, strive to match your ants with the weaknesses of the enemies you’re facing. My best recommendation? Save all your special ants to deploy strategically within the maze. The more special ants you have, the more “cannon fodder” you can throw at the bosses and enemies lurking in the maze. I suspect that skill levels matter, although I haven’t conducted exhaustive tests.

So, these are the fundamentals I have to share with you today, and I’m sure you’ll find them valuable.

I made a video that is a little easier to follow along.


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